Get your head in the game: School spirit at Pierce College

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Suzanne BuchholzReporter

Pierce College is home to several sports teams including baseball, basketball, volleyball and soccer. These teams not only compete but help support the community.

In January, the Fort Steilacoom basketball teams sponsored various events including the “Salute to Armed Forces Night” and Medical Professional’s Night. On the Puyallup campus, the Raiders cheer squad organized a youth cheerleading camp.

However, some students may not be aware of these sports teams, and if so, they might not go to the games. This could result in lower attendance at sporting events and less school spirit on the campus.

Sporting events are usually promoted on campus where many students would see the  advertisements on their commute to and from classes. Banners hang in the College Center, advertisements are on the televisions throughout campus and announcements are posted on the college’s website and social media accounts. Advertisements often are provided by the Office of Student Life.   

“Working with established resources— (The Puyallup Post and The Pioneer), web services and student life offices—are the best, as they’re already established avenues for getting the word out to students and employees,” Director of District Athletics Duncan Stevenson said. “However, we’re always looking for new ways to put Raiders Athletics on people’s radar.”

Despite seeing these promotions, many students, when asked, said they don’t attend sporting events.

Pierce is a commuter campus, and most students only spend time in classes and then go home after this.

Many students also have jobs or other commitments. This prevents many students from being able to attend school events such as games.   

Another reason might be that many of the sporting events take place on the Fort Steilacoom campus rather than on the Puyallup campus. Many students might not be able to make the commute to the other campus unless they’re already taking classes there or live nearby.

Some students think that the school spirit at Pierce can be improved.

“I think wearing more Pierce clothing would spread more school spirit,” student Damien Brown said.

Those who want to spread more school spirit through their apparel might want to check out the Pierce College Puyallup bookstore. The store sells a variety of clothing T-shirts, sweatshirts and baseball caps featuring the college’s logo as well as items such as water bottles and keychains.

Other students think the Pierce community is doing a good job of spreading spirit but suggested such means as starting more sports clubs to increase it.

“I think starting a wrestling club would help,” student Elijah King said. “Give the guys something they want to do and the girls if they want to wrestle, too.”

Stevenson said one of the ways school spirit might be promoted would be through more interaction between student-athletes and other students as well as faculty members.

He said that by mingling with more people in their classrooms, the cafeteria and other places on campus, they might be able to extend an invitation to others to attend sporting events and support their school teams. He hopes this might inspire people to become Raiders fans.

“Intercollegiate athletics at the community college level is extremely competitive across all of our sports,” Stevenson said. “Until you come out and watch a game, you don’t really know how good the level of play is and how hard our student-athletes work to excel at their sport.”   [/responsivevoice]

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Suzanne Buchholz

Get your head in the game: School spirit at Pierce College

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