Generational views on Feminism

The views on feminism in today’s world.



Joe Dennis


Women’s rights are important in a time where men have been prominently dominant.

It wasn’t until the first-wave of the feminist rights movement that women were viewed as having equal roles, responsibilities, skills and education compared to men.

Women have more opportunities than ever before, not only in the workplace but in the military. As well as having an increase in social freedoms. Contrary to popular belief, men and women share similar roles in society without much controversy over lifestyle. It’s no longer unusual for men to take on the role of stay-at-home fathers or take care of the house and children, while women are pursuing careers.

Many people are uncomfortable on taking a stance of being pro-feminism. Mainly, feminists have become synonymous with man-haters who believe they are superior and men are inferior. Most feminists believe in women’s rights and equal opportunities for both sexes socially and career-wise.

“In the traditional sense I consider myself a feminist, but not in the modern sense,” student Natalie Bartels said. “Women should have the right to vote, hold a career and divorce abusive spouses without being stuck at home taking care of a family. Unfortunately due to the bad rap society has given feminists and because of my personal religious beliefs, I wouldn’t call myself a feminist at the same time.”

Even education has become more female-oriented. More women have surpassed men in terms of learning degrees.

Though this may be a good sign for women, the same cannot be said for poverty-stricken men and women. According to English professor Corrina Wycoff, inflation has made it impossible for families to survive solely on one income.

“American education, which is our best defense against poverty, now seems to fail boys and men in addition to being inaccessible to the poor,” Wycoff said. “I believe that targeting poverty will help to fix other injustices. Education is one way to do this, but, in my lifetime, it has become less possible for the poor to access higher education due to rising tuition in colleges and universities, less federal support for public K-12 schools that prepare students for college, and reductions in early education programs such as Head Start.”

It’s not uncommon to see women able to support themselves and expand their horizons in the job market. Women have more choices now on deciding a career path. Students such, as John Angiono agree that these opportunities provide a prosperous future for women, and aid in determining who is most qualified.

“I believe women’s rights are important and increases competition for jobs,” Angiono said. “Making education more stringent and raising the expectations for both men and women instead of having sex solely determine whether or not they are qualified.”

Feminism still face obstacles that have only gotten worse over time. Domestic violence is still an ongoing and problematic issue not only for women but also society.

According to the United States domestic violence statistics, every nine seconds in the United States a woman is assaulted or beaten. This outweighs the number of motor accidents and rapes. Domestic violence programs such as the Young Women’s Christian Association have advocated against domestic violence for years. The solution to equality is not a sort of sexist role reversal where women start treating men as their inferiors.

Dividing people and putting worth to those groups only complicates the matter of reaching an understanding of equality. The solution is to join forces against oppression, which is a common enemy many have faced in the United States. Pierce student Jessica Radloff agreed that feminism is valuable but shouldn’t be misconstrued as a way for women to feel empowered at the expense of male oppression.

“Feminism is important because it has gotten us to view a woman’s role in society differently,” said Radloff. “I don’t think we have to resort to full feminism where women think they are better than men, but instead having it balanced out where everyone has equal opportunity.”


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Generational views on Feminism

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