Game Review: Resistance 3

Resistance 3
Insomniac Games; Sony Computer Entertainment

With the vast number of third-installment shooter games coming out this year such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Serious Sam 3 and Battlefield 3, a fourth game needs to be included.
It’s Resistance 3. The storyline is about invincible U.S. Army soldier Joseph Capelli. He replaces Nathan Hale, the star for the first two games and a familiar figure to players, as the center of attention. Now, Capelli, who was the most disliked character from the last game, fights in the 1950s war ravaged United States.
I swear it’s as if the developers saw Secret of Nimh 2: Timmy To The Rescue and said to themselves, “Hey, like Secret of Nimh 2 and how they made story out of a character no one has any interest in. Why don’t we do that for Resistance 3?”  They must have then thought “Don’t worry, no one who has played the first two games will care, even though this game is geared toward a teenage and young adult player who probably has a pretty good memory of the last two games.”
What has honestly ticked me off up until this point is the most confusing and ridiculous enemy in gaming this year, the chimera. Are they an alien infection that somehow acquired advanced technology and weaponry. Are they aliens from space that infect humans and turn them into hybrid chimera? I have no idea and apparently neither did the developers. Honestly, if you play all three games, at no point will you see anyone address what a chimera is other than flip-flopping between the infection plot or alien plot.
For the storyline, at the beginning of Resistance 3 players are greeted with a slideshow of the game’s story art horribly trying to explain the origins of the chimera and what has occurred. After the bland dialogue over a nice little slideshow, along comes the plot of this game where Capelli wakes in his home that’s an underground mine shaft. His wife thanks him for taking care of his son who is sick with, I’m only left to guess, the generic unexplained video game illness.
Almost instantly players see the only returning character from the previous game, Dr. Malakov, who comes seeking for Capelli’s help to close the chimera wormhole. What is the chimera wormhole? Good luck trying to figure that out because that’s not explained either. The only information about the chimera wormhole is that it’s bad and will destroy the world, even though it never seems to be doing anything particularly bad or destructive.
To close the wormhole, Capelli and Dr. Malakov trek from Ohio to New York City, where the wormhole is located, running into many challenges along the way.
The storyline, characters and origins of the enemy are complete garbage. However, is this game as awful as I am making it out to be? Honestly, no, it’s not a bad game at all; in fact it’s actually a bit challenging, which is good for a first-person shooter.
It actually strays away from the common routines of having rechargeable shields, carrying only two weapons, or even the points where you’re ducking behind a bit of wall and it seems like you’re almost making out with it. It seems like a throwback to games like Halo: Combat Evolved or Half Life where players  actually have to be mindful of health bars and find any health packs, or jars for this game.
Players can’t just run out like a mad man or women, shooting their gun off thinking they just need to stay in cover for five seconds and go right back to the mindless gun firing, They actually have to stop to assess the situation and have a plan for next attack. Another plus is the fact that players can carry up to 12 weapons and upgrade them as well and the upgrades are present in this game unlike some games, for example Fable 3. The weapons in this game are all useful as well, and don’t ever cease to fail my expectations of effective weaponry.  From the Atomizer (aka the electric gun), the Cryogun (aka the freeze gun) and the Mutator (aka the gun that shoots cabbage snot balls) all have their uses in the game and make killing enemies much more enjoyable.
So in the end what’s my final judgment on this game? It’s okay, yeah just okay. Aside from the inconsistent bland dialogue and storyline it’s a good first person shooter with some great weapons and game play. I would say if someone is a Resistance fan or even new to the series, rent this game first. Then decide whether it truly sucks players in or not. Sadly for me, I know I’m only going to make this one of the games I rent—not own.

I give it HHHHI


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Game Review: Resistance 3

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