Game Review: Borderlands 2 Gearbox Software

Joe Dennis recommends the intense game Borderlands 2.


Joe Dennis


The first person shooting role playing game Borderlands, which was released in 2009, looked like the video game version of Cowboy Bebop and loveable gameplay for someone who obviously loves comic books, guns and insanity.

It had the promise of adventure, mystery, colorful characters, strange alien creatures and a great story which delivered, but it was flawed in other areas that brought the game down.

Borderlands 2 developers fixed what was originally wrong and made the game unbelievably more enjoyable. The story is simple yet the characters are complex and unique; if that makes sense? It’s set about five years after the last game. Four new vault hunters arrive on

Pandora in search for another vault, only to discover the new ruler of the merciless planet is not too keen about their arrival.

If it wasn’t for the bandits, psychopaths, blood hungry soldiers and various creatures that all want your head on a plate, literally, you now have to deal with the self-proclaimed Dictator of Pandora Handsome Jack and the Hyperion Corp.

The suave and brutal Handsome Jack really steals the show because you can’t go five minutes without being reminded of how both psychotic and power hungry he is.

Jack will do anything to unlock the vault and release the warrior within, even going so far as to sacrifice a member of his own family. This game does not fall down when it comes to the various weaponry, making me wonder who had a field day creating these guns.

Side missions are a ton of fun and not as cut and paste as some may be led to believe, plus the movie and television references are thrown into various side missions are clever and respectful to the source material; especially the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles parody side mission.

The vast amount of weaponry in the game makes it a first person shooter wonderland of explosions, gunfire and brutality when taking on the hordes of enemies this game sure loves to dump on players if they draw too much attention such as going on a bandit killing spree.

Multiplayer is where this game gets a lot of point from illustrated by how much fun my friends and I had screaming into our headsets when we took out armies of bandits and Hyperion robots.

Borderlands 2 is a bit time consuming, so don’t be surprised if six hours speeds by rather quickly considering you’re knee-deep in the action almost constantly. In the end, this game is not only a great sequel but also a great game.

I give Borderlands 2: 5/5

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Game Review: Borderlands 2 Gearbox Software

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