Game Review: Bayonetta 2

Review of Bayonetta 2!

Kevin Boatz

Platinum Games delivers another stunning action packed gaming experience with Bayonetta 2. Gamers familiar with the hack and slash genre seen in games such as God of War or Devil May Cry should know exactly what to expect from Bayonetta 2.

In Bayonetta 2, players control Bayonetta herself, an Umbran Witch that has it out for the divine powers that be. Bayonetta wields four guns, one in each hand and one on each leg. Players execute combos by mixing together arm and leg attacks controlled by the X and A buttons respectively.

In the Bayonetta games, the universe is broke into four sections: paradiso, purgatorio and inferno. The divine reside in paradise while the damned lie in inferno. Purgatory acts as a ground between the two worlds where creatures from both can be found. The human world is largely separate yet parallel to these worlds and so while the actions of Bayonetta takes place partially on earth, she mostly does not interfere with the trifles of man.

Originally, Bayonetta used her demonic powers as a witch to combat the corrupt divine forces residing in paradise. This time, however, the balance of the powers is at unrest and it is not only those from above but also those from below that Bayonetta must deal with.

The combat and nonstop action of Bayonetta is evident from the very start of the game. Right away battles are taking place on backs of jet planes flying through the city and you are fighting King Kong sized monsters atop skyscrapers.

The comedy, animation and adult content have also been preserved from the previous installment, if not heightened. Many familiar faces return with fresh new dialogue alongside some new cast members. The unlikely paring of personalities and the situations that result are more than entertaining.

The story can also take some serious turns at times. Gameplay wise, the combat stays fresh thanks to equipment upgrades and bonus content that can be unlocked. The stages are varying in setting and contain a plethora of gameplay mechanics. You can also play online with others in a multiplayer game mode even after the story has been finished.

To put the icing on the cake, the original Bayonetta comes included with Bayonetta 2 in the retail version. If you have yet to try the series then you can get both titles for the price of one.

Bayonetta 2 is a mature game. Players should be aware of the amount of intense violence, strong language, suggestive themes and partial nudity that are present through the entirety of the experience. If you are someone who can handle the mature content, Bayonetta 2 delivers a thrilling and fun experience that will leave you wanting more.



We think it deserves: 5/5 stars

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Game Review: Bayonetta 2

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