Game Review: Batman Arkham City

Since I was 3 years old I’ve been a Batman fan and can honestly say this new game is simply amazing. The free roaming, combat, mystery, side missions, storyline and characters make this game not only surpass Batman Arkham Asylum, but it also has a nostalgic throw back to it.

The dark grittiness and serious yet twisted tone make me feel as if I’m at times watching Batman The Animated Series.

The story takes place in Arkham City in the middle of winter. The game starts with Bruce Wayne getting kidnapped by Dr. Hugo Strange.

Batman tries to get to the bottom of what Strange is up to, but not before we are so humbly greeted with the presence of the Clown Prince of Darkness himself, the Joker.

Once again, his devilish grin and sickly insane laughter never ceases to put a smile on my face. The thing is, Joker is not looking so hot. It looks like he’s slowly dying with only hours left to live.

I’m guessing the Titan chemical, or formula, from the last game that turned him into the Incredible Hulk version of the Joker had a mean after effect to it. At one point he and Harley Quinn capture Batman long enough to pump in a bit of the Joker’s blood into Batman’s body, giving him a few hours to live. This then forces the Dark Knight to seek out the cure for this strange deadly disease that is now crippling his and the Joker’s body.

Now through this grand adventure you’ll run into some familiar villains like Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, Two Face, The Riddler, Poison Ivy (on the Catwoman Expansion Pack DLC) and even Solomon Grundy who actually isn’t originally from the Batman series.

I especially love the fights with Mr. Freeze and Solomon Grundy because I feel it deals with every element in the game. These two battles are unique in their own way.

The Solomon Grundy fight consists of dodging Grundy’s iron ball attacks, hand-to-hand combat, quick time events and even tactics when it comes to planting the bombs as well. The Mr. Freeze fight brought in the precise and thought out tactics as really your only method and means of survival.

Now I could spoil the ending for those of you who haven’t played it, but I try not to be that cruel. The only advice I have for anyone who’s going to play this game is don’t get your hopes up for a cheerful ending. If you’re a long time Batman fan you could possibly already piece together the ending and be able to solve the mystery much sooner than those who haven’t been long time Batman fans and are probably new.

The only complaint I have with the game is Catwoman. It’s not Catwoman’s style, dialogue or the fact that I’m such a nerd to say “hot hot hot hot hot hot” like Toby Turner (aka Tobuscus) when I look at her. It’s more of her controls and movements around the city. Now with Batman you can glide and use the grapple hook with ease. With Catwoman, well, it seems like every time she swings with her whip from one location to another it always looks like she’s slamming her face into the side of the building. What then follows afterward is pressing the right button at the right time to get her to pounce, no joke, up the building until you reach the top.

To me it’s kind of lame and sucks overall, maybe I was expecting more than I bargained for from a DLC (downloadable content) pack with Catwoman in it, but still anything other than pouncing up the side of a building. In the end, this game is stupendous. I absolutely love it. If a game gets me to go to the lengths of wanting to dress as one of the characters while I’m playing the game, then trust me this game is well worth the time.

It’s entertaining and nostalgic to the point where—I dare say—it’s like playing the video game version of Batman The Animated Series, except a tad bit grittier. I would definitely suggest buying this game, and if you don’t have enough money to buy it definitely rent it; then save your money and buy it.

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Game Review: Batman Arkham City

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