From homework to real work

With the prices of tuition, books, gas and basic living increasing, more students are looking for jobs.


Abigail Russell

Contributing writer

With the prices of tuition, books, gas and basic living increasing, more students are looking for jobs.

Where do they look for jobs, what kind of jobs should they get, will it work with their school schedule and do they have time for jobs are all questions college students consider when thinking about getting a job.

With Washington’s unemployment rate at 9.3 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it may seem like there are no jobs available especially to people such as college students who probably have little or no work experience.

This is wrong. Jobs are available everywhere.

Websites such as and, a local unemployment agency and maybe even on-campus are sure to have several jobs you might be interested in.

If finding a job through these resources proves unsuccessful, talk to the manager of the place you are interested in working at and ask them about future job openings. There are full time and part time jobs available all around but you have to take the first step and start looking.

Managing your time is something you have to be able to do as a student and even more so as a working student.

Likely your reason for getting a job is to help with the cost of going to school. If you have to miss work because of school, you probably won’t be able to keep that job for very long.

“Make sure that when you apply or accept a job your manager is very aware of your availability,” Pierce College student Serah Norwil said. “You don’t want to stretch yourself too thin. Make sure your time management skills are where they need to be.”

Norwil, who works as an engraver and sales associate at Things Remembered in the South Hill Mall, explains her managers are aware of her schedule and willing to be flexible with her hours. She works eight to 20 hours a week.


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From homework to real work

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