Fro yo face-off

Review of three yogurt shops in the Puyallup area.



Robert McRill


Puyallup has a few choices for frozen yogurt connoisseurs seeking to satiate their summer appetites with a cool treat. Black Bear Yogurt, Elements Frozen Yogurt and Menchie’s are the top contenders this season. We have judged each location in three different categories: location, product and atmosphere, and here’s the results:


Black Bear Frozen Yogurt & Espresso

Location, 3 of 5: Black Bear caters quite nicely to moviegoers hungry for an after-flick serving of fro-yo. Being just off Meridian, it poses its own problems when traffic is thrown into the mix, however a convenient traffic light succeeds in preventing most headaches.

Product, 4 of 5: They have a nice selection of yogurt flavors with a variety of serving options—waffle cones, bowls and beverage cups. The flavors appear to change quite often with chocolate and vanilla being the only static flavors. The yogurt tastes quite yummy and the topping selection at Black Bear yogurt is easily the best in town. There are many more toppings at Black Bear than at other yogurt establishments, and they are all presented in a neat and tidy fashion. It’s easy to see what they have without confusion. The toppings are kept clean and well stocked.

Atmosphere, 4 of 5: The atmosphere at Brown Bear Yogurt wins out over the competition. The rugged, log-cabin type of feel was warm and inviting and the establishment was clean. Decorations were well thought-out and relevant to the overall restaurant theme, and signs clearly stated what was where and what you were expected to pay for it. The employees at the time were friendly and helpful.

Overall rating: 4/5 stars


Elements Frozen Yogurt

Location, 4 of 5: Elements is in an excellent location for those looking for a tasty treat to take on a trek throughout the park. Again, being located just off Meridian is not the best spot when traffic is considered. There is a public parking garage right next door, however it’s rather small and may be hard to maneuver for drivers in larger vehicles.

Product, 3 of 5: Elements has a respectable amount of flavors and seems to change them every so often. They didn’t have quite as much variety as the other establishments, however, the yogurt tastes great and the quality is consistent. Toppings are well organized and easily accessible; the store usually appears to be quite clean.

Atmosphere, 2 of 5: The atmosphere inside of Elements seems odd. The decorating is cool in the sense that it is interesting to look at, however, I didn’t feel at all comfortable sitting inside the restaurant. It appears to be less geared toward adults and more toward being a teen hangout. The toppings were well stocked and were kept from becoming too messy. The employees were all polite and friendly.

Overall rating: 3/5 stars



Location, 3 of 5: Menchie’s resides in the Sunrise Village. Anyone looking to walk the strip mall with fro-yo in hand would benefit from its convenient location. The best part: Sunrise Village can be reached via off-roads; you can get to it without ever driving on Meridian.

Product, 2 of 5: They have a wide range of flavors available and seem to switch them out quite often. The yogurt was passable, however it doesn’t seem to be nearly as satisfying as the yogurt offered by its competitors. It wasn’t necessarily bad; it just wasn’t anything to write home about. It was fine, but not great.

Atmosphere, 3 of 5: Menchie’s has a semi-decent atmosphere. The decorations are all bright, vivid colors that seem to cater more toward the younger eaters-of-frozen-desserts. The “cute” yogurt mascot seems to drive that point home. The saving grace for the atmosphere is that Menchie’s has a few tables outside of the store.

Overall rating: 3/5 stars

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Fro yo face-off

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