Frisbee club can be the ultimate catch

Introducing the Frisbee Club


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Unlike other newer clubs, the college’s Ultimate Frisbee Club has been around the block, or rather the field. Created in 2012, the club is for students looking to learn about, play and enjoy the game of ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate Frisbee is a game where two teams of about seven players compete to outscore the other. The game consists of players running up and down the field to complete passes with a disc to reach the opposing team’s end zone.

“It’s the one sport where you can jump over someone else, score and have that guy or girl shake your hand afterwards. There are no refs and you call your own fouls. It is a great way to be competitive, have fun, learn to take responsibility and build relationships,” Jermaine Toves, club president, said.

Every Friday, the club meets at 12:30 p.m. in the courtyard. During meetings, members discuss any business, and then practice drills and play games until 1:40 p.m. or up to the end of the game. About 15 students are members of the club, but any student is invited to join.

Nothing is required to join, but workout clothes like shorts, t-shirts and cleats are highly recommended. Club members will also have access to the Pierce College gym during practice with the club.

As a group, the ultimate Frisbee players hold themselves to a high standard of excellence. They believe in being fair, and having only positive attitudes, while encouraging each other to be their best.

Members see the club as a way to promote a sport not everyone is aware of, and to strengthen the ultimate community.

“I honestly don’t care if I am the president, but the love of this sport made me step up,” Toves said.

Over the past few years, ultimate Frisbee has become a popular sport because it doesn’t require a certain level of fitness, and offers friendly competition. This is a club that was created by students for students, and to let people experience a new kind of challenge.

“I’m expecting to get to some of the Ultimate sessions—and it sounds really fun to me—but students are really the force behind it,” Larry Wiseman, club adviser, said.

Students with additional questions can contact Toves at

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Frisbee club can be the ultimate catch

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