The fry situation

French fries are a common item for the cafeteria, but just how common are they?

Shelby Cross, Online Reporter

At Pierce College Puyallup, Lancer Catering goes through 150-200 pounds of french fries every day.

On an average day, they go through three to four boxes of potatoes each weighing 50 pounds, which adds up to about the weight of an adult male.  

Recently, Director of Student Life Sean Cooke was in the dining commons looking for something to eat when he noticed that fries were a popular item among students.

“I didn’t want anything greasy,” Cooke said. “Everyone was ordering french fries, so I got curious and asked the lady how much they go through in a day.”

Cooke said the answer seemed simple at first, between three and four boxes. But once he asked Lancer how much each box weighed, it became apparent that the Puyallup campus had a fry situation.

“I knew we were making a dent in the world’s fry consumption, but I had no idea of the extent,” Cooke said.

Stephanie Joy, P/T Biology Instructor at the Puyallup campus, attributes the magnitude of fry consumption to convenience.

“You can walk to class and eat them. You don’t have to sit down to have fries,” Joy said. “I was walking in the dining commons and table after table, students were eating fries.”

Lancer starts serving food at 7:30 a.m., offering french fries as soon as they open.

They make their fries fresh every morning from Idaho potatoes, as opposed to premade frozen fries, which may contribute to their popularity.

According to Lancer, an estimated 90 percent of people who purchase food are purchasing french fries.  

Every work week, the Puyallup campus consumes on average 1,000 pounds of fries, and this number is climbing.

At the beginning of fall quarter 2016, Lancer was only going through three boxes of potatoes per day. Now they say it’s gone up to four.

By the end of this quarter, Lancer expects to have sold 10,400 pounds of fries, which equates to 15,565,584 calories, Cooke said.

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The fry situation

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