Free COVID-19 testing is available at the Tacoma Dome

All throughout June 2020, free COVID-19 testing is available at the Tacoma Dome

Free drive-through COVID-19 testing is available at the Tacoma Dome throughout June. Testing is administered through a partnership with QFC and Fred Meyer’s parent company, Kroger.  

“QFC and Fred Meyer are honored to play this role in helping people live healthy lives,” said Tiffany Sanders, the corporate affairs manager at QFC.   

Testing at theTacoma Dome started on May 19 and was extended from its original end date of May 28. People can receive a test on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. – 4p.m. 

The tests are by appointment only, which can be made by going to and registering. The registration includes answering several questions that follow the CDC guidelines about COVID-19 symptoms. According to how the questions are answered, individuals can receive a reservation for an appointment.  

After receiving a reservation, patients will be required to arrive in their car and the rest of the supplies needed will be provided by Kroger.  

“You will show up at your appointed time at the Tacoma Dome, and we’ll have a greeter under a tent out there that you’ll drive up to show ID,” said Sanders. “After that, the greeter will check off that you have a reservation and you can proceed through the Tacoma Dome to the stations.” 

Sanders explained that it’s not until the last station when individuals will be tested. Once people arrive at the final station, they’ll roll down their window about two inches and a pharmacy staff member will provide a test kit.  

The staff member will talk the person through the entire process of how to do the nasal swab. The nasal swab takes 15 seconds for each nostril and once each is swabbed, the swab gets put back into the test tube. 

“You just give it back to the staff member and we’ll send it away to get tested and contact you within 48 hours with your results,” said Sanders.  

An email also gets sent with the results to the client and if they miss the initial call, the Kroger staff will call again later until they get an answer.  

Sanders mentioned that starting around June 1, the amount of people signing up to get tested has dropped a major amount in comparison to the amount of people who’ve gotten tested within the past few weeks.  

“We have the capability to do 250 cars a day, and we have not hit that threshold,” said Sanders. “So we definitely still have openings for people who are wondering if they have COVID-19 or not.” 

To spread the message to more people about the free testing available, Kroger has been reaching out to websites. Sanders also included that Kroger has been working in accordance with the Mayor’s office in Tacoma to also spread the word 

“We recognize that this is a very difficult time for many people, so we want to help ease their minds on if they have anything or not,” said Sanders. 

 As long as there are people still signing up to get tested, then the drive-through testing will continue until the end of June. 

Sanders mentioned that she doesn’t know if testing could get extended beyond June but it’s a possibility, depending on the amount of COVID-19 cases in the area and people signing up for the drive-through testing.  

In the meantime, anyone who’s interested can register online to see if they qualify for drive-through COVID-19 testing at the Tacoma Dome.

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Alexis Garcia

Free COVID-19 testing is available at the Tacoma Dome

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