Plant seed of knowledge with Forest: Stay focused, Be present

Forest is a wonderful application which helps students helps students practice great studying techniques.

Rebecca Dickson, Reporter

Ruining the environment can make a bad day worse. Ruining a virtual environment can make it even worse. Forest: Stay focused, Be present can aid students in keeping their mind on studying and off Instagram.

Forest is a motivational work app which does exactly what it says: when users set a timer on the app, they’re unable to use their device without killing their virtual tree. The app puts the phone on lockdown – without the ability to check other apps or text messages, students won’t be tempted to use their phone when they’ve committed to studying.

If students do unlock their phone or visit a blacklisted site on the Google Chrome or Firefox versions, they’ll be greeted with a gentle reminder not to touch their device. Timers can be labeled with pre-set labels such as work, study and entertainment.

Users who successfully make it to the end of their pre-assigned timer receive a congratulations from the application and virtual coins.

Users are able to see their virtual forests where every tree they’ve planted that day are visible. All trees the user has planted, dead or alive, are found on the application. The only way to get rid of the dead trees is to pay for removal using the virtual currency users earn by staying focused on their tasks.

One of the best features of Forest is its minimalist design. While other study apps try to entice audiences through schedule planning and graphics, Forest is simple to use and learn: users have access to a timer and a forest full of virtual trees for students to see.

Forest is the epitome of studying apps. Best of all, it is offered on multiple platforms including Google Chrome, Android, iOS and Firefox. While the app is free on Google Chrome, Android and Firefox, the app is $1.99 on Apple mobile devices. For a timer app, this is quite expensive. However, the motivation gained from it is worth it, especially since users can sync progress by logging into the same account on their browser and their phone.

Overall, Forest is the best application for studying students currently on the market. With its sleek, calming colors, menu designs and simplicity, guilt- tripping tree-killing and the ability to plant a beautiful forest, Forest is a wonderful application. Although the iOS version is somewhat overpriced, the other versions are highly recommended to students who need aid in focusing while studying.

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Rebecca Dickson

Plant seed of knowledge with Forest: Stay focused, Be present

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