Food Review: Making a Stand for the Anthem

Joe Dennis gives Anthem Coffee and Tea a high rating.

Joe Dennis


November is a month where having something warm to drink is the best solution for combating the cold weather. Anthem Coffee and Tea, which opened stores in Tacoma and Puyallup last November, is for anyone trying to get away from Starbucks or Forza.

From the exterior the Anthem Coffee and Tea in Puyallup stands out, mainly because it says “Anthem Coffee and Tea” in white lettering. Parking is tight, so parking by the Puyallup Public Library is probably customers best option.

Upon entering Anthem I noticed how busy the place was considering it was 11:30 a.m. on a Friday. The autumn décor was not overdone. People were lively and there was enough seating. I couldn’t help but feel sleepy from how comfortable the atmosphere was. Certain customers upon entering were greeted by name from the cheerful voices behind the counter.

I ordered some coffee and a piece of banana bread. The coffee shop has a large menu, but I decided to keep it simple. Prices are relatively cheap, an 8 ounce for any tea or coffee is $2.50; the largest at 24 ounces for $4.50.

According to the manager of the Puyallup Anthem, the store was a Forza for about seven years.

Original employees have been working ever since, and are quite experienced with making a good cup of coffee.

My expectations were met and I wasn’t disappointed when I had the bread and coffee. After finishing off my coffee, the pumpkin pie latte soon caught my eye and I can safely say that it is not only sweet but addictive.

This is not only a place for college students to hang out and do homework, but Anthem is a fantastic place to sit for a while, sip a warm drink and have casual conversations.

The employees are friendly and keep Anthem well lite and clean, which wins major brownie points with me. Plus it’s nice once in awhile to go to a coffee shop and not feel like I’m paying too much for food or drink.

I plan on stopping by Anthem more often when I’m in the area. It’s just too difficult for me to pass up good coffee at wallet-friendly prices.

I strongly suggest going to Anthem Coffee and Tea for anyone who believes other coffee place are getting a bit too pricey.


I give Anthem: 5/5

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Food Review: Making a Stand for the Anthem

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