Fletter, Kropf, Randle honored at Pierce College Distinguished Alumni Banquet

Honoring Pierce College graduates at the Distinguished Alumni Celebration.



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The annual Distinguished Alumni Celebration on April 17 celebrated the accomplishments of three extraordinary Pierce College graduates: Kurt Fletter, Alan Kropf and Denice Randle.

Graduate of Western University and U.S. Army veteran, Kurt Fletter is the co-owner of the Power Plastics Corporation. Fletter established Power Plastics in 1992 with the help of his college roommate, John Yannello. The company centers on the careful designing of specialized plastic hinges, sprockets and parts for powerful industrial machinery.

Fletter decided to return to college once he had retired from the military. He worked multiple minimum-wage jobs so that he would be able to afford taking college classes.

Fletter reminisced fondly of his time spent at Pierce. “I could not be more proud of this college,” Fletter said. “Without Pierce, I’m sure that I would not have been able to obtain a four year degree.”

Alan Kropf, 29-year-old president and founder of Mutineer Magazine, was another honored alumnus. Though young, Kropf has accomplished much since his days at Pierce College.

Named one of the top 30 food and beverage business leaders under the age of 30 by Forbes Magazine, he has helped chef Gordon Ramsay open his Hollywood restaurant, poured wine for Hillary Clinton and published 23 issues of Mutineer Magazine. “[Success] was made possible by my college experience,” Kropf said. He was choked up during his recognition speech when recounting the events and choices that have led up to where his life is at today.

Kropf remembered attending the same Distinguished Alumni celebration as a Pierce College student leader in 2001.

“I can’t emphasize enough how much the student leadership program at Pierce helped shape me,” said Kropf. “It gave me the skills that I needed to go in to any field of work that I wanted to.”

L. Denice Randle graduated from Pierce College 10 years ago. Since then she has been an English teacher at Stadium High School and earned a place with Act Six Leadership Scholarship and Initiative. She now holds a position as director of education and Employment at Making a Difference in Community.

Randle initially attended Pierce at the suggestion of her mother. Because it was right down the street and attending would mean that she would not yet have to leave home, Randle agreed. As of her second quarter, Randle was earning so many academic scholarships and financial aid grants that she was fully covered for the remainder of her time spent at Pierce.

“Pierce College was the right fit at the right time. It was an environment that was small enough to give me the undivided attention I needed in order to blossom and grow,” Randle said. “Pierce College is the soil that cultivates the seeds of success. I cherish the years that I spent there.”

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Fletter, Kropf, Randle honored at Pierce College Distinguished Alumni Banquet

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