First drag show on campus

Drag show firsts at Puyallup campus.

Meagan Lucero



Umbrella Club members sponsored their first drag show at Pierce College Puyallup on March 13.

The dining commons was filled with a stage, tables, students, family of the performers and a table in the back piled with free food. The Umbrella Club brought in experienced performers who helped bring the show to life. Drag queens Jessica, Koko and Kiy Kiy volunteered their time to perform at Pierce College. They are college students from Yakima and perform at many other colleges in Washington state.

Six Pierce students volunteered to perform in the event. This club event was one of the biggest club events at Pierce College this year with a turnout of about 120 audience members.

Audience member and Pierce College student Braydon Gemar described the event as significant cultural awareness.

“Holding this event at Pierce College was important experience not only for club members but also for fellow students,” Nicole Carroll, president of the umbrella club said. “Students may be aware of the LGBTQ community here on campus, but not always accepting. So with that being said this event was one way we as LGBTQ members to show our pride.”

Pierce College received confirmation from Carroll that the Umbrella Club will still be at Pierce College in the following school year.

The Umbrella Club is a place for LGBTQ students to come together in a safe environment. Members and club officers have been working toward setting up a permanent desk for LGBT students on campus. Though difficulties have halted that plan, club leaders refuse to leave Pierce College without making a difference.

“We have people in place already that will fill the officer’s positions that will become vacant after graduation. Our hope is that the Umbrella Club will continue to be present at Pierce College for many years to come,” Carroll said.

Laura Bagley, program support adviser, was happy with the results.

“I loved it because it was very creative and people had a good time and…the feeling was really good, the participators had a good time and the observers were cheering them on,” Bagley said.

Umbrella Club leaders hope the Pierce drag show will become an annual event.

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First drag show on campus

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