Fightin’ words: Technology, is it helping us go from dumb to dumber?

Student’s aren’t getting dumber because of technology, but because of lack of motivation.

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Olivia Inglin


As the world has advanced and developed, every person has been placed in a constant competition to beat thousands of others they don’t even know in school and the workplace. Many may believe education would be essential in America, yet many are now saying that students in the United States are becoming less educated in comparison to other countries.

In some ways this could be true; however, instead of American students being less educated it could simply be understood that, as a whole, those in America are learning other skills more necessary to the modern age.

As a result of technology, skills previously needed can now be done with a couple keystrokes or a swipe of the thumb. Young people do not need to know how to spell well or even do complicated addition in their head. Computers can do this now.

Instead of knowing how to perform skills that devices can do, it’s more important to understand how devices work. Which, a lot of young people do over time.

In addition, the United States is falling behind in education compared to other countries. Nevertheless, this isn’t because our students are less capable of learning. Instead, it’s a result of our values.

For example, education is put first and enforced by families and societies in many Asian countries. Obviously, this isn’t the case in America, but if it was our students could be as smart as others.

It’s a result of the standards set by society that our students are less educated. These lower standards have slowly eased into the school system over time. Students are now expected to know less, or are given one too many opportunities to make up work or get extra points.

Why would people try if they aren’t required to? If students were expected to meet higher standards they would, yet because they aren’t, younger generations have become less intelligent and, in some cases, stupid.

While there is an obvious lack in education in the United States this does not mean there is no intelligence in the younger generations. Competition is very difficult for college admissions and for careers in the workplace. This will push some students to strive to educational heights, but no matter what they do these heights aren’t as high as they used to be. They will still fall short of their predecessors.

Overall, while students may be less educated isn’t not because of a lack of intelligence, but rather a lack of motivation because of our system.


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Fightin’ words: Technology, is it helping us go from dumb to dumber?

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