Fightin’ words: Technology, is it helping us go from dumb to dumber?

Technology has negatively affected this generation.

Anika Bates
Anika Bates


Anika Bates


As someone who’s grown up in the generation where phones are smarter than people, I think it’s not quite a revelation for me to say that our generation is getting dumber. I don’t think anyone should be surprised that I believe that with each new Flappy Bird-type app that is released, our IQ is losing points.

As cynical as it may sound for me to be bashing the generation that I myself am a part of, let’s not kid ourselves. Alcohol, drugs, technology and so much more are affecting our brains more than we think.

The University College of London conducted a survey showing that alcohol can cause depression if used excessively. The survey also showed that if drugs are not taken in moderation, they can cause depression and constant anxiety.

What do these statistics have to do with our generation getting dumber? Well, the current generation uses more drugs and alcohol on average than ever before. It’s messing with the minds of the supposed future leaders. The chemicals found in drugs and alcoholic beverages are weakening our brain’s ability to comprehend and adjust. Do we really want our country to be led by someone who spends as much time or more binge drinking than in school?

Technology has also been affecting the minds of this generation. did a study on the effects of technology on young people. Of the 855 subjects surveyed, 30 percent of those under the age of 45 said that the use of computers or smartphones made it more difficult to focus.

The facts are plain and simple. Technology has negatively affected this generation; their concentration skills and critical thinking ability has dwindled significantly.

I’m not saying this generation hasn’t made some outstanding technological and social breakthroughs. It’s easer now than ever to access the information we need in our everyday lives. But easier and better may be mutually exclusive. In the generation where everyone receives a ‘gold star’ for ‘trying their best,’ are we helping or hindering this generation? Most of the time, we are hindering. Lying to ourselves, saying that we are all the smartest people in the room, is not helping us in any way. It’s making it harder for us to realize the truth. This generation doesn’t need to have intelligence to pass a 100 level college course; all they need is a computer and Google.

Don’t get me wrong. I love going on Instagram and seeing what friends are up to. It’s how we communicate and stay in touch with the world. And yes, I enjoy the fact that I have classes that are sometimes easy to pass. But that doesn’t mean I’m doing myself any favors.

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Fightin’ words: Technology, is it helping us go from dumb to dumber?

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