Fightin’ Words: Should teachers have an attendance policy?

Daniel Malgren
Daniel Malgren


Here in the 21st century, we live in the golden age of society. A society wrought with legitimate adults and teens attending school for kicks and giggles.  Gone are the days when professors could rely on their students to attend class to obtain knowledge. Now all we have are students who attend class solely for the exam and walk out feeling proud about their A grade, boasting to their friends how they didn’t spend a whole week in class.  It’s for reasons as this that professors hold attendance policies.  Not because they’re strict, but because you’re immature, incapable of managing your time effectively, a disgrace to those who would sell themselves for an education and a waste of space on our college campus.

“I’m an adult; I can make my own choices!”

How cute, being an adult means that you know how to make smart decisions, that are obviously best for you and your life.  I apologize, murderer; I didn’t know that there shouldn’t a law against it, how silly of me, go ahead and do whatever you want.  You clearly know what you’re doing.

You think my example is farfetched? Tell that to the millions of kids in the world who will go through life and never have an education because they do not live in a country as fortunate as ours.  You don’t like having an attendance policy? Students in America are spoiled and that’s all there is to it.  We think that being an adult in America gives us the right to not show up to a class? In that case we don’t deserve the education we are paying for.

“But I am paying for it!”

Then attend it or give up your spot to a student who actually cares about going to class and get your lazy butt out on the streets where it belongs.

Teachers need to have an attendance policy because if not then students will refuse to show up because we think it doesn’t matter, we think that the classes we learn here aren’t going to help us in the real world so we just want to shut them down. All you are doing in this is denying someone else a chance to attend a class they wanted and showing the world another reason why spoiled America is a step behind everyone else.

It frustrates me when students complain about attendance policies. Teachers are understanding if a student is sick or cannot attend because of everyday situations. Just give them a darn email and let them know.  Not showing up for any reason other than getting out of the class is by far one of the most selfish things you can do at a college.  There’s students fighting for these classes and not showing up denies them the credits they need, which should be reflective in your grade.  You have to work for the grade you earn that includes showing up for class.

School is a commitment, not a one-night stand.



Jackie Buckman

When I graduated high school and became a college student at Pierce, I was very excited. I was becoming an adult, making my own decisions and choices.  But with becoming an adult came more responsibility. I had a job, bills to pay and sometimes life can smack you in the face and say, “Hello, want to pay $400 for your car today?” With that, I figured that missing a day or two in college would be ok.

I always do my homework. When quizzes or tests come up, I’m always present. In one of my classes, I was curious as to why my grade wasn’t what I thought. Once asking my teacher about it, I discovered that my attendance was the issue. Not my schoolwork or if I was doing well on tests, but the fact that I missed two days. Because of that one tiny little reason I wasn’t getting the grade I deserved.

Are we for real right now? Why am I not being graded based on my classwork? As a student, if you miss an assignment because you weren’t there, that’s on you. Missing a day where a teacher is just going to go over the slides they already put online shouldn’t be an issue.

As adults, it’s our responsibility to plan out our lives. So, missing one day of class shouldn’t put my grade in jeopardy.

I became very displeased when I learned that she wasn’t the only teacher who graded on attendance. I understand taking attendance the first few days to see if people are in the right class and such, but to be graded on it for the whole quarter isn’t right.

Yes, attending class is important, we are here to learn and to do that you have to be there. I understand that but since we’re paying for our education so it should be our choice.

I work hard for my money and tuition and books add up to become very expensive. If I’m paying my hard earned money for a class that I do my school work in and do well on tests, attendance shouldn’t be an issue.

Taking attendance in high school is one thing, we have to be there and other people are paying for us to be there, but in high school, I was a minor –  not an adult. I’m an adult college student deciding my own future. It’s up to me whether I succeed.



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Fightin’ Words: Should teachers have an attendance policy?

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