Fightin’ Words: Should 18-year-olds be allowed in casinos?


Grace Amsden
Grace Amsden

Eighteen is the typical age when teenagers are to be considered adults. Being 18 comes  with extended rights, though doesn’t include the right for gambling at casinos. It’s  only fair that 18-year-olds should be able to participate in this.

Gambling is a form of entertainment. The machines are like video games, combining  the colorful graphics and sense of control over the technology.

It can be a fun place for an outing and great way to spend time with friends and family  members.

I’ve gone gambling at the Muckleshoot Bingo Hall in Auburn, legal for those 18 and  older, and had a wonderful time – and I’m 19. The slot machines happen to be the  same ones that can be found across the street at the Muckleshoot casino, so the rules  are very inconsistent.

Eighteen year-olds aren’t allowed to gamble, yet can do other things, such as joining  the Armed Forces, voting and getting married without parental permission.

Even prior to 18, teens can be in control of an automobile, risking the lives of themselves and others on the roads. Being in control of a steering wheel is much more serious than being control of a lever or a button on a slot machine.

Since gambling is considered to be a crime for those that aren’t yet 21, those who are 18 should still be allowed to go for the extra things at casinos besides gambling.

There’s freebie giveaways, coupons for buffets and restaurants and even free concerts. I was so mad because the swing band group Big Bad Voodoo Daddy came to Snoqualmie casino and I wasn’t able to go simply because I wasn’t 21.

Just because someone is 21 doesn’t mean they’re mature. It’s been said that 18-year olds aren’t ‘mature’ or responsible enough to gamble and would be susceptible to a gambling addiction, which is pathetic, since everyone is different. Also, it’s obvious that alcohol is served at casinos and for those 21 and older – and even though it’s available, this should not overrule the fact security guards circle the casino and there are plenty of video surveillance cameras to catch someone that is underage who leaves the machines for more.

Therefore, casinos should leave a few more stools open for 18-year-olds to come in and gamble. Plus, it’s awfully silly if one is born with a streak of good luck running through their veins and miss an opportunity of winning a good chunk of money a little bit earlier on.



Daniel Malgren
Daniel Malgren

Hard work is something that develops us as individuals. It makes us grow and gives us  accomplishment in our work.  We slave in agonizing shifts to walk away with some  money, but we know that the money, however little it may be, has been well earned.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of our day and age, we have thrown away this  beautiful concept of hard work to a lazy man’s wet dream also known as casinos.

No longer does one have to put effort into their lives. No, now one can simply slip  some money into a machine and pray to the gods above that they will walk away  riddled with cash. There’s honor in the trade of these sad individuals, no sense of  respect for those incapable of hard work. Just the overwhelming feeling that they have  stooped lower than the beggars on the street who don’t have the privilege of  squandering their money on pretentious games.

But wait, it gets even juicer. There’s some casinos that start indoctrinating young  adults into the world of gambling. Fathers can take their daughters to the slot machine in hallways full of smoke and alcohol and teach them that they don’t need a job, just a little bit of luck.

No doubt these poor excuses for parents will praise their children at their hard earned success as they walk away with the money earned at the pull of a dial.  To even think that we would ever desire something as silly as an honest living.  That would be foolish. Why in heaven’s name would we put effort into our lives when we have something so simple, so precious?

A beautiful, four letter word.  Lazy.

But let’s not be too hasty to judge. Some individuals, perhaps by some curse from God, are incapable of understanding what it means to actually put effort into their lives. These individuals are the privileged, those who have their every need placed within the reach of their beckon call.  Let us weep for these beautiful lives that have been lost to an idea, an idea that screams to not put effort to their lives, that gambling is the very essence of being human.

These individuals, however, are quite the opposite.

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Fightin’ Words: Should 18-year-olds be allowed in casinos?

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