Fightin’ Words: Are permanent tattoos safe and worth the potential cost?

Tattoos: Are they safe?

Lacey Longpre


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Phrases such as Ouch! or That hurts! are familiar to those who have tattoos. Skin virgins reading this article imagine that’s what they’ll expect when they go under the needle. However, don’t knock tattoos until the full picture of it is inked out.

The sting of such art isn’t a complete reason to avoid them as such pain varies on different parts of the body. In selecting where to put permanent art, a person’s pain tolerance will help make this decision, as well as whether this is the person’s first tattoo. Additionally, pain is part of the process, and individuals will appreciate the artwork knowing what they went through to obtain it.

There’s concern that this skin design will become an unrecognizable blob of ink over time. It’s true tattoos fade, but this can be reduced through proper care, such as avoiding sun exposure and treating it with special creams, as suggested by the website Save Your Tattoo. Moreover, according to the tattoo care website, Tatgevity, it’s important to use high quality pigments as this affects the skin art’s lifespan.

Another fear tactic is disease, as Mayo Clinic gives caution that tattooing may cause skin infections, allergic reactions and blood borne illnesses, however, this can be avoided through research and common sense. Finding reputable establishments that have knowledgeable artists and clean equipment will help prevent such risks.

Socially, there’s concern about tattoos in the workplace jeopardizing a person’s ability to get a job. Public Broadcasting Service notes that tattoos came to a climax in America in 1940 during World War II, when sailors and soldiers were the canvases of body art and looked down upon by higher society.

Nonetheless, the popularity of skin art in American culture has altered this status. Forbes Magazine says that due to contemporary companies focus on diversity and inclusion, white collar professions, such as medical and corporate, are gaining tolerance to the artwork.

Still, different industries have different policies, such as making sure clothing covers the artwork, but tattoos aren’t as taboo as they once were.

Tattoos are a form of self-expression to capture a moment in time. It’s the opportunity to showcase the body as art, and it the artist a favor by flaunting his or her’s craftsmanship.

Should people get tattoos? Sure, just be certain it’s for the purpose of personal fulfillment and not by the pressure of others.

Find the body design that gives a good inkling.


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Fightin’ Words: Are permanent tattoos safe and worth the potential cost?

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