Federal government avoids shutdown

Shortly before midnight on April 8 the U.S. federal government narrowly avoided a self-imposed shutdown and a minor national crisis in an effort to get the Senate Democrats and House Republicans to come to a decision on the national budget and what cuts were going to be made.

Sara Konu



After months of debate between political parties on what budget cuts should be made, the Senate decided that if an agreement had not been met by April 8, non-critical federal government jobs would be temporarily suspended in order to cut costs.

This move would have meant that 800,000 federal employees would’ve been jobless indefinitely. National parks were going to be closed, including the Washington Monument, Smithsonian Institutes and the annual Cherry Blossom parade. Critical services such as mail delivery, air traffic controllers and the National Weather Service were scheduled to remain in operation.

Much of the debate revolved around Planned Parenthood and the supposed taxpayer dollars going to it to fund abortion. Eventually Democrats and Republicans were able to toss aside their differences and prevent the shutdown a mere hour and a half before the deadline.


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Federal government avoids shutdown

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