Fashion then and now

Don’t you wish those previous generations would have held onto their clothes awhile longer?

Kristen Phillips


Don’t you wish those previous generations would have held onto their clothes awhile longer?

Leggings, oversized sweaters and tops, big hair, big belts, skinny jeans—it’s all coming back. It’s just like the ‘80s all over again. It’s all about that big on top, small on bottom look. Luckily, shoulder pads and parachute pants are styles that have long been forsaken, but even the legwarmers over leggings look has made its comeback.

For the summer however, it’s time to bring out the outfits that are agreeable with the warm weather we’ve been experiencing. It’s all about that look with the crop top paired with a pencil skirt. Crop tops can be debatable, as they must be matched with an appropriate bottom. You must choose what is most comfortable for you, but as always; don’t try to pull off a look that’s not you.

Another ‘80s resembled style that’s back for the summer is big earrings. Earrings add that personal touch to complete any outfit. The bigger they are, the more significant they are to the outfit and tend to draw attention to your face.

If you’re running short on time, a quick and easy way to keep your hair out of your face is a bun—sun’s out, buns out. Sock buns are definitely in this season.

For those of you who aren’t familiar—sock buns do in fact use an actual sock. You simply cut off the toe area of the sock and roll the fabric down into a doughnut. Pull your hair back into a high pony, then thread your ponytail through the hole in the sock doughnut. Then begin to tuck strands of hair underneath the sock and roll the sock closer to your head. Continue to roll the sock down, tucking loose strands underneath till it reaches the base of the ponytail. You may have to spread your hair out to ensure that it’s evenly distributed and the sock is completely covered. For a more secure sock bun, bobby pins always help to get the stray-away hairs.

Vintage has also made a significant comeback. Lace sundresses in sherbet pastel colors are lovely for any summer day. The nice part about vintage is that the options are endless. Vintage styles range all over the place and cover a multitude of choices and preferences. Vintage is a timeless style that represents a compilation of eras with different styles and patterns.

Hats are the perfect accessory this summer. Choosing the right hat can create a classy, relaxed or highly fashionable look. In previous times, hats have been correlated with the wearer’s social standing and have been a resource to tell others information about that person. But not only do hats make a fashion statement, they also provide shade to protect your skin from the sun.

So whether you’ve decided to bring back a look from long ago, or have ventured to something new, be brave. That’s right, go out and wear your clothes with confidence and don’t be afraid to try a style that may be foreign to you. One day, you’ll probably look back and ask yourself what the heck you were thinking, but at the time it was just right. And clothes are just clothes after all, aren’t they? They shouldn’t be something to define us, but rather a simple expression, a creative outlet.

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Fashion then and now

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