Fashion sense

With summer just around the corner, what to wear is a big concern.

Marie Lahar


With summer just around the corner, what to wear is a big concern.

There are a couple of trends floating around. There is the feminine look of long flowing articles of clothing and free-going styles. A retro ‘70s look is coming back, almost all things ‘70s will be easy to find. Lastly there is a punk look. Dark, tattered and studded clothing is in.

A sun dress is a must. Long flowing sun dresses are seen everywhere. They come in all different styles for a unique flare.

A sun dress makes the statement of “I’m glad to show my feminine side this summer,” with a flowing beautiful look. Going for bold patterns and colors is what looks best with these goddess dresses.

If a dress is just not your thing, a long flowing skirt does the same trick. Find one with a free style pattern and bright colors.

Lace is on everything. Lace anything seems to be in. Lace over a solid color skirt or lace top over a tank top looks good. Same goes for a lace dress with a neutral color underneath. Even a lace covered pair of flats can be seen on most streets this summer. The lace gives the same feminine look and flare that the sundress does.

Floral print is in. Just as spring, floral print is still here. mixed with neutral colors floral patterns are popping up everywhere from shirts and scarves, to shoes and hats. Eye-popping colors are not the way to go for floral print. Find pastel flowers with a cream background and you have a summer trend.

Dark stripes are dominant. Striped shirts and scarves can be found in most store racks this summer. Flared tank tops with dark strips and a white contrasting strip are going to found easily.

Stripes are hard to match with unfortunately and therefore might be a big trend, but harder to work with. Match it with a pair of dark flare out shorts and a head band.

The ‘70s are back. Flared out jeans are going to be in almost every girl’s closet, the bigger and longer the flare the better for this trend.

The classic white long flowing laced top to match those bell bottoms from the ‘70s will be a great match with the pants.

Retro thick textured skirts and shoes will also be on the market for a revised trendy look. Match it with different color tops and accessories. Don’t try to match or the look might not work.

Accessories can go with anything. The easiest accessory trend to go with any outfit this summer is the stacking bracelet look. Just as the trend is called, literally just stack lots of bracelets and rings on. Vary them with at least one very big bracelet or ring and play around with smaller ones. Gold rather than silver will be trendier.

Floppy hats are in and go great with sun dresses. The sun hats also go great with flared jeans. Find a solid color rather than a pattern to match better with outfits otherwise it might look too busy. To go with the floppy hat a pair of gladiator shoes or stacked pumps will do the trick.

Skinny, thin belts have been lingering around but will be prevalent this summer. They will be on tops, pants and dresses.

Try to find one that looks braded together in a brownish tan to match with most outfits.

Clutch purses rather than over the shoulder bags are going to be in this summer.

If you are going for a sun dress a big bag still looks great; get a solid color different than the one on the dress, otherwise, get rid of the big bags and start carrying light.

If not feminine or retro, go punk. If cutesy and retro aren’t your thing, good news, punk is going to be dominant. Studded cuffs and boots will be a great start to the punk look.

To add to it, get a pair of ripped skinny jeans with lots of metal studs or designs clasped onto it. To finish it off, try to get a dark colored frayed shirt. Even a biker jacket will do for this punk look.16-9-june-2011_page_12

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Fashion sense

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