Fashion Icons of the 20th and 21st centuries

Fashion icons over the last 100 years.



Anika Bates


1920s—CoCo Chanel

As the heiress to the style empire, CoCo Chanel brought fashion into a new era. Her signature pearl and little black dress, along with her own scent Chanel No. 5 and her outright confidence, liberated the fashion world in the 1920s. Her designs exemplified elegance, earning her the title “Mother of Fashion.”


1930s—Bette Davis

This actress gave a new definition to the word “passionate.” Her sultry style matched her on-screen talent, giving an image to the women of the ‘30s. On one occasion, her bold orange lipstick gave Hollywood the self-assurance it was looking for in a woman like Davis.


1940s—Hedy Lamarr

Film star Hedy Lamarr was the denotation of old Hollywood glamour. Her vogue style of whiter-than-white skin paired with blood red lips and intense eyes made her a legendary idol in the fashion world. The zealous look that Lamarr originated continues on today.


1950s—Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of class. Her innocent style and regal accessories made Hepburn one of the most well-known fashion icons to ever grace the silver screen. Hepburn’s absolute belief in inner beauty gave confidence to the women of the 1950s.


1960s—Jacqueline Kennedy

Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy knew what looked good on her. Her use of simple designs and minimal makeup gave her an air of superiority; she did not need elaborate attire to draw attention to herself. She was noticed for her constant smile and her reinvention of minimalism.


1970s—Farrah Fawcett

Actress Farrah Fawcett was an image of beauty by her own doing. She was one of the few stars who, without the use of a mirror, applied her own makeup and styled her own hair, which was lightened using lemon juice in direct sunlight. Her iconic red swimsuit picture gave a face to the laid-back fashion of the 1970s.


1980s—Princess Diana

Princess Diana was not the average British royal. She gave life to couture with her contrast to velvet gowns and pristine riding clothes. Setting the fashion world on its ear with her refined style, this princess chose expensive and prevalent articles of clothing to establish her poise.


1990s—Cindy Crawford

Model Cindy Crawford never followed current trends; she set them. Crawford’s trademark mole and utter confidence in it gave her an edge to other models who were vying to be the standard vision. She is particularly well known for her red Versace gown at the 63rd Academy Awards, which she donned with her signature flair.


2000s—Kate Middleton

If one word were used to describe commoner-turned-princess Kate Middleton, that word would be timeless. Her elegance and grace in not only her clothes but also her mannerisms as well have brought her a reputation of sophistication. She’s brought the attention of the world to her chic fashion with a classic undertone.


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Fashion Icons of the 20th and 21st centuries

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