Fall 2 Term offers options to students

Fall 2 Term

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Pierce College has introduced Fall 2 Term, a program used to provide class options for students who arrive later in the fall quarter.

When asking students if they’ve heard of this, many give a head tilt and blank stare. However, it has the potential to be beneficial.

Pierce has added the Fall 2 Term due to high student demand. The courses in this program run for eight weeks compared to the usual 10 weeks. They began Oct. 21 and will end on Dec. 17. Registration is done online using the student’s current Registration Access Code.

Bret Burkholder, one of three faculty counselors/advisers at Pierce College Puyallup, says the Fall 2 Term program has been patterned after Pierce’s military site at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

However, the military offers Accelerated terms—shorter quarters for students who never know when they’ll unexpectedly leave for military reasons.

Fall 2 Term is similar to the Accelerated terms in that it’s shortened class time, but gives the same amount of credits as a traditional class.

The 2013 fall quarter is the first time Pierce has offered Fall 2 Term, which is why there’s a limited number of class options. More class options may be added if Fall 2 Term shows success for students aiming to earn their degrees.

Mathew Campbell, vice president for learning and student success, says one of the bigger challenges is ensuring that students get into the right classes at the right time. Fall 2 Term offers additional opportunities to support students seeking courses to potentially shorten their time of completion for their degrees.

One of the main reasons for offering this option is to give a chance for those who find Pierce College a little too late; referring to those who find it after registration has ended or fall quarter has already started.

“The later-starting Fall 2 Term provides an additional opportunity for those students to ‘jump in’ without being immediately behind,” Campbell said. “We believe that this is an additional student success consideration.”

With the fall quarter nearing its end, the next question is whether or not this option will be available in future quarters. For students taking the Fall 2 Term pilot, they’re the key to the answer.

If students have questions about the calendar, courses or registration, contact Alicia Serrano at 253-964-6418 or visit the Student Success Center.


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Fall 2 Term offers options to students

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