Fall 2 term looks for new direction

Fall 2 term looks for more popularity



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In fall quarter, a selection of online classes called Fall 2 Term was available to students. These classes were meant to aid students who registered late or needed to make up lost credits.

The classes offered were those most popular among students and allowed them to either start a class without being behind or get back on track to earn a degree or certificate.

Unlike other classes, they only lasted for eight weeks instead of the standard 10 weeks, yet they still amounted to the regular number of credits per course. The classes were offered from Oct. 21 to Dec. 17.

While Fall 2 Term presented an opportunity to students, there wasn’t a large turnout of students that registered to take the courses. This could be a result of this being the first year Pierce has had Fall 2 Term, or a result of lack of advertising for the program.

For those involved in the program, the lack of turnout results is a question of whether the classes should be offered again or not.

“While (Fall 2 Term) did provide an opportunity for some students to enroll and progress, enrollments were not as high as we had hoped,” Matthew Campbell, vice president of learning and student success at the Puyallup campus, said. “This makes it difficult to support financially as a permanent model. Thus, we are currently evaluating the value that it provided to students and the feasibility for providing such courses again.”

This model may not be the perfect program for students at Pierce College, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be any similar classes offered in the future.

“We will continually look for creative ways to increase access for students,” Campbell said.

Evaluators of the program can look at the numbers, but they also want direct feedback from students about how they felt the program went.

Students are welcome to give any comments to Matthew Campbell or Debra Gilchrist, vice president for learning and student success at Fort Steilacoom.

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Fall 2 term looks for new direction

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