Behind the scenes: Pierce College Puyallup facilities

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If anything on campus is broken, facilities is the place to take this to. Facilities is in charge of fixing and maintaining anything building related, including grounds work, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing.

If the department doesn’t have staff who can do fix the job at hand, they may contract for repairs.

“There is always a new challenge,” Building and Grounds Manager Daniel Timmons said. “Very rarely is there a simple fix. You have to work together as a team. It’s just really neat when you collaborate on a project and find the solution.”

The department consists of four maintenance staff members, as well as a grounds team, who mostly work outside. The maintenance staff works 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. and the custodial staff from 3:30 p.m. – midnight.

A large portion of the work is upkeep such as putting batteries in automatic toilets and sinks and changing Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning filters. Preventative maintenance is required everyday, but random breakages are often unavoidable. Something breaks at least once every day, Timmons said.

“When you go in to fix something, you find something else wrong,” Timmons said.

The morning of Feb. 11, one of the heat pumps, which looks like an air conditioning box, lost it’s metal motor. The motor is attached to the base and ripped itself off, bending the metal.

“I never would have believed someone if they told me things broke as often as they do,” Timmons said. “If you have one door issue, within a week you have five more.”

Metasys is an online building control system which shows lighting, heating and cooling for each room on campus. Timmons looks at it every morning to check if anything is wrong and then fix it. There’s always fine tuning going on such as adjustments and maintenance.

Timmons believes many students or teachers think they can control the temperature with knobs in their rooms. Timmons doesn’t heat the hallways. If classroom doors are left open, heat in the rooms gets pulled into the hallways.

None of those control the temperature, however – only the online control system does. If students or staff wish to change the temperature, they can speak with Timmons.

“We’re here for you guys,” Timmons said. “If there’s anything we should do to make the campus or the grounds better, it would be nice to hear the thoughts about how we do stuff. The whole point is to make these classes comfortable for you guys.”

Maintaining the campus is equivalent to caring for 160 average sized homes, based on size, Timmons said. Out of the 140 acres that make up Pierce College Puyallup, facilities maintains 44.

“We do our best to be as proactive as possible,” Timmons said. “You guys are the eyes and ears out there. If something is broken or not working, let us know.”

If there’s a problem during the day, students can contact facilities by going to A130 in the Gaspard Administration Building or calling 253-864-3149 for Facilities and Operations Programs Coordinator Dana Edmondson. [/responsivevoice]

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Behind the scenes: Pierce College Puyallup facilities

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