Facebook taboos

Genevieve Huard reveals the irritating habits of Facebook users

Genevieve Huard


-Don’t make a Facebook and never check it: Facebook is designed to integrate into daily life, therefore, don’t make a ghost account. It’s stupid. The whole point of Facebook is to communicate, not accumulate digital dust.

-Don’t fight: Whether it’s with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or member of a different political party—don’t hash it out on Facebook. Public conflict, whether it’s arguing in a store, or arguing in comments on Facebook, is unnecessary. Not only is it annoying to observers, but it’s also not a very good way to solve conflict—so now you’re just fighting to fight. Digital drama can be just as bad as playground drama, and just as hurtful. Watch your words because cyber bullying is damaging.

-Don’t make this a threesome: I know some people just can’t hold their affection in. But, please hold your camera. Couples shouldn’t post pictures of them doing anything that they wouldn’t do in public. Keep the private moments to yourself or your personal photo albums. Especially if there’s licking involved, first of all, it just doesn’t photograph well, second, nobody wants to see you eat with your mouth open, why would we want to see you kiss with your mouth open?

-Couple drama: Constantly changing relationship statuses and the drama that ensues in comments should be illegal. So should the daily count of how many days you’ve been together, or how much more you love your partner than they love you. Keep some things private.

-Twitterbook: Options like synchronizing Twitter accounts with Facebook can make for a full news feed. Twitter is great for posting every little thing, but Facebook isn’t. Don’t constantly Facebook post and never hash tag on Facebook. Also, I thought we were over the days of chain emails (“send this to 10 friends or you will implode tomorrow”), but they still reign on Facebook statuses. Don’t clutter Facebook with stupid little things.

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Facebook taboos

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