English just got trickier

Students will have a permanent home for the pool table and entertainment systems.

Class room A-224 has been set aside for the new student lounge because the English class that used to be taught there won’t be utilizing it.

“The class will no longer be offered at the Puyallup Campus until the Fifth building is completed in summer 2014,” said VP of the college, Gloria Greenfield. “We had to cut that course to help balance the budget.”

Ron A. Muck enjoys the idea of having a new lounge.

“I’ve gotten sick of the open C building. Our conversations echo and sometimes that can be annoying,” said Muck.

Other students aren’t so excited about having to enroll English 101 online or taking it on another campus.

“I’m sick of these budget cuts. This is the third quarter I’ve tried to get into English 101 and it’s been full, said Xavier Breath “Now that I finally might get to register at an earlier time I now have to do it with either no instructor or travel a ridiculous distance for a single class.

Teachers don’t have the same issues with it. English professor Donna Low likes the idea of online classes.

“I have to teach English 101 anyways so why not do it from the comfort of my own home,” said Low.

The change will occur during the summer. Students should plan on taking the class before next fall quarter if they find this to be an inconvenience.


























































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English just got trickier

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