Editor-in-Chief’s Blog #3

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Grace Amsden, Editor-in-chief

It’s a constantly evolving cycle; change occurs over time and there’s no way to stop it. This isn’t new to Pierce College Puyallup, either. For those who read the throwback special edition for The Puyallup Post, it’s evident that Pierce has continued to grow and change over the years. For example, consider the chancellor’s office.

The chancellor’s office is across from the testing and advising center in the Gaspard Administration Building. From the outside, multiple offices and a seating area is visible.

Imagine that inside here was once the place for students and staff to purchase food. This space served as an eatery called The Daffo Deli.

After talking about the Daffo Deli with Math Instructor Anthony Granata and Outreach Manager Ruth Schindler, who both remember this place, it’s interesting to think about what Pierce would currently be like with this eatery in place.

“There wasn’t really anything special about it,” Granata said. “It wasn’t decorated or anything. It looked like the snack bar you’d see in an old style hospital.”

There were few options at the Daffo Deli, sandwiches and soups mainly – not any burgers, french fries or fried items in general.

“I was sad to see it go, but at the same time I was excited to have (a) bigger food service,” Granata said. “But, it’s never really replaced the Daffo Deli, I don’t think. All the things I was hoping to get with a new food service never really developed.”

Granata’s favorite food item from here was the club sandwich. He said that the sandwiches at Lancer aren’t as good as they were at the Daffo Deli.

Inside the space were also vending machines, the staff lounge and then nestled into the corner was the Daffo Deli. The space was also used for Phi Theta Kappa induction ceremonies and advising days where classes were canceled and students would meet with their advisers, who would bring in boxes of records because they weren’t computerized. There was hardly enough space for everyone, Granata said.

Schindler said that considering the space to prepare and serve the food, the workers at the Daffo Deli did a great job.

“I think the majority of us who have longevity here, I think it’s fair to speak for all of them and say that we were always pretty impressed with the food that they prepared in such a small environment and especially given the tools that they had,” Schindler said. “They didn’t have a grill or a deep fryer or anything like that, and that’s not a bad thing. It really caused people to eat a little bit healthier.”

Today, the food service at the Puyallup campus is Lancer Hospitality in the College Center, which offers additional options compared to the Daffo Deli. From a cheeseburger and fries to tortilla wraps and fruit cups, this is the college’s eatery.

It’s compelling to think about how Pierce will change in, say, 50-100 years, in terms of food options to staff and students. Perhaps there will be extended options in each building on campus beyond just the College Center. Perhaps a smoothie bar, frozen yogurt stand, sandwich shop and food obtainable for night students, instead of selections from vending machines, will be offered. There could even be something called the “Raider Rigatoni bar” which offer spaghetti meals. There might even be a salad bar or food truck. The possibilities at Pierce exist not only in academics but in food – which is a necessity for college students.


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Editor-in-Chief’s Blog #3

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