Editor-in-Chief’s blog #6: The Bachelor

Grace Amsden, Editor in chief

Multiple women. The first impression. The roses. The luxurious dates. The final proposal.

These keywords refer to the reality show on ABC called The Bachelor. On March 14, the season finale premiered. The suspense built among audiences regarding who would receive the final rose from 2016 bachelor Ben Higgins, the 27 year old graduate from Indiana University who came on the show to find true love.

When the time came, the bachelor chose the blonde flight attendant Lauren Bushnell to be his wife – leaving the other finalist JoJo Fletcher in tears and confused, who expected to be proposed to. Higgins hadn’t only told Bushnell he loved her, but Fletcher, too. Apparently, this is the first time this has occurred in the history of The Bachelor. The good news for Fletcher is that she’ll be the next bachelorette on the show, which is – conveniently called – The Bachelorette.

For those who aren’t familiar with the show, 25-30 women are brought into a glamorous house by limo to meet one handsome, heart throb romantic bachelor who will – hopefully, it doesn’t always happen – choose the love of his life from the group. He does so by getting to know each woman individually, going on group dates and talking with them over the course of multiple weeks.

At the end of each episode, the bachelor hands out red stemmed roses to each woman he decides to keep, meaning that a few must go home without a rose…. and without someone to blossom their heart forever. The pattern continues until there are two women left and she meets the bachelor’s parents.

After watching this show for multiple seasons, it continues to amaze me how crazy this show actually is. For one, I’m not sure how any woman could go on the show and be comfortable sharing their potential husband with other women and watching their potential husband showing affections towards other women. It makes for an entertaining show because of the drama, of course, but I’m not sure how this could be appealing for taking on a serious relationship, unless the idea of competition is ideal.

But some people might just go on the show for all the “wrong reasons” such as for getting television time and free vacations all over the world, from Las Vegas to Jamaica.

The women get jealous and develop conflicts against one another, some reaching to a level which occasionally leads for a woman to pack her bags and leave the house in a tragic exit.

Each season seems similar. There are always the typical cliche lines such as “I’m here for the right reasons” and “I can picture myself spending the rest of my life for you.” These never fail to be stated. It gets painful to hear them over and over.

According to ranker.com, other cliches from the show include “Can I steal you for a second?” (when referring to when the women compete with the others to talk to the bachelor), “I’m not here to make friends” or “I didn’t realize it would be this hard.”

This show needs something new to spice it up. Perhaps there could be an “older” bachelor who comes onto the show, for example — maybe a 50 year old. But considering how the pattern of the show continues, this won’t be a possibility or at all realistic. There should be a major twist that makes the show more interesting and less typical.

Hopefully for the new couple of Higgins and Bushnell, their love will continue off the show and the proposal will actually mean something. Often times after the season, magazine tabloids will find something to talk about regarding how the relationship is falling apart with evidence that relates to this. Only time can tell whether the story will continue or all the rose petals will fall off. ​

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Editor-in-Chief’s blog #6: The Bachelor

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