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Grace Amsden, Editor-in-chief

Waking up is the first part to every day. Students must sleepily turn off their alarm clock and rise out of the warm covers and prepare to get ready for Pierce College. This is the first, maybe the hardest, part to each day.

Get dressed. To attend Pierce, clothes are required. It wouldn’t hurt to take a shower and practice personal hygiene, making sure to save enough time to prepare for the day by eating breakfast, packing a lunch and driving to campus while crossing their fingers to make it through all the green lights and avoid being tardy to class.

Then, a student must attend class and focus on the professor’s lecture – not other obligations, which may be very difficult. While in class, students must take notes and stay awake, perhaps aided by a coffee they picked up from Starbucks or Lancer coffee stand in the dining commons at Pierce. Perhaps after class, the individual will have just enough time to study in the library until they must leave campus and go to their job.

Arriving home hours later, the student may say hello to the dog and their family members, eat dinner, study and gulp down yet another a coffee to prepare for a long evening ahead.

Eyelids half open at one point in the evening, the college student closes their laptop and books, deciding that it’d be the best to head off to bed in preparation to begin the cycle all over again.

For some students at Pierce, this may prove to be a very stressful schedule. Perhaps even one that feels hopeless or pointless, considering that college students don’t have as much free time anymore.

It’s necessary to find a balance. Life shouldn’t solely be focused on working 24/7 and forgetting all about other commitments outside of school and work. College students shouldn’t cut off their social ties and family and replace them with textbooks or lose out on valuable opportunities for activities and events in the community.

It’s important to take time, even in the busiest and most stressful of occasions, to step aside from school/work and observe the flowers, shining sun or dogs playing in the park.

Life is beautiful, and having all sorts of time sensitive commitments shouldn’t take away from that. Students must also realize that they will make become frustrated, stressed and make mistakes, but also learn from all of it.

While doing this, students ought to always carry a bit of positivity and sunshine with them, whatever that is to them.


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Editor-in-Chief Blog #1

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