Education in video games

Video games and it’s educational values.

Kevin Boatz

Applications for teaching content exist across platforms. Pierce College has the Canvas program that facilitates learning while other similar programs can be found, but how would consumers react to an Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo title focused on teaching an advanced school subject?
“I just don’t know how many people would buy it, “said Pierce student Preston Armentrout, who enjoys role playing games and real time strategy titles.
Armentrout thinks that an educational title like that could be well used in conjunction with a class to help teach the material, but is unsure how well it would sell otherwise.
“They would make money off of it, that’s what I think, but not as much because usually a lot of people don’t go towards education games,” said Pierce student Joseph Sanchez, “They go towards other games like first person shooters just for entertainment.”
“I played educational games when I was younger,” Armentrout said, citing School House Rock and the Oregon Trail among others. Armentrout played educational games in elementary school, many schools have already incorporated games into their curriculum.
Entertainment focused games also may have some lessons in them. Some first person shooter games take place during historic wars and can use accurate weapons or locations.
“You would get a historical event out of it, just not as much as you would compared to reading a text book,” Sanchez said.
Aside from strictly education, Armentrout understands the positive social impact that some games can have. League of Legends is an online videogame where teams battle each other with prime objective being to reach the enemy base and destroy a structure called the Nexus.
“League of Legends can open up people who are otherwise shy,” Armentrout said
People who have similar interests in video games can connect and play together socially. The social aspect of multiplayer games can help to develop relationships and communication skills. In League of Legends teams, must work together to accomplish the goal, so communication plays a role in how the team succeeds.
“There is definitely a place for education video games,” Armentrout said.

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Education in video games

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