Editor-in-Chief’s Blog #2

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Grace Amsden, Editor-in-Chief

Being not only an editor for The Puyallup Post but also a student, creativity can bounce between both of these roles. One way that creativity lends itself to being an editor and student is through Pinterest.

On Pinterest, it’s a picture heaven. There’s a bit of everything on this website. There’s a large array of Disney photos from the parks and plenty of artwork. There’s fashion inspiration, travel photos and plenty of feel-good quotes. In any topic, it’s easy to fill up a board with about 600 pins. There’s also cool journalism quotes and tips on writing a particular story, whether it be sports feature or news. There’s a plethora of inspiration waiting to be found. But besides the journalism inspiration that Pinterest can provide, there’s a study skill embedded in this social media website that perhaps not many have thought about trying before.

Here’s the catch: students can create a board for a college class, particularly one that’s challenging. For visual learners, this can be extremely helpful. For example, for a student who is struggling in geology, they ought to create a ‘geology’ Pinterest board. They can pin images of minerals and rocks, diagrams of the rock cycle, information on different rock textures and an illustration of the earth’s layers. Sometimes, topics in geology may be difficult for a student to understand at first but once they see it visually presented aside from the textbook, it ‘clicks.’ This study method isn’t only fun but beneficial, especially for lovers of Pinterest.

With a typical notebook and binder containing notes, it’s by all means important to read these, but the material is spread out between page after page. With a Pinterest board, everything is mashed onto one board visually, in a single place. If highlighting isn’t working and neither are flashcards, then Pinterest used for studying may be an option worth trying. [/responsivevoice]

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Editor-in-Chief’s Blog #2

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