Do you believe in true love?

Robert McRill believes in true love.

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Robert McRill


Believing in true love is like believing in the wind. You can’t see it. You can’t touch it. But, if you feel a breeze, you will likely get cold.

You might say, “But I see the trees swaying back and forth, and I see the leaves blowing across the ground. I can see the wind.”

No, you can’t. You can see the effect the wind has upon certain variables within a given circumstance; however, seeing the effect of the wind is not seeing the wind itself. You can see the influence that the wind has, but you cannot see the wind.

I always have believed in true love, but nothing I say will sway anyone’s opinion. People believe in true love because of what they have seen or because of what they have felt.

I can’t see true love. But I know that true love exists. I know simply by watching the world around me and by seeing the influence that true love has had upon those that I care for the most.

I can see its effect in books, music, and movies. I see it in some of my friends. And I see true love when I look at my parents.

Above all else, I believe in true love because… I want to believe in it.

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Do you believe in true love?

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