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In recent years, so-called do-it-yourself projects have become increasing popular. Some of these projects are useful and cost-effective, yet others are interesting and crafty.

Many of these projects are easy to accomplish and time effective.

One of these projects is useful for aspiring photographers. While professional backdrops are expensive, anyone can make a backdrop in their own home. Simply take wrapping paper of any kind and tape it halfway up any wall. Roll the wrapping paper out and across the floor until it is out of the viewpoint of the camera. Tape it down on the floor and prepare the photo shoot.

Another project for around the house is Mason jar snow globes. A nice decoration for any holiday season, these snow globes are very simple to make. Take the lid off a Mason jar and superglue any figurine to it. Fill the jar up with water, and add glitter or minuscule bits of Styrofoam for the snow effect. Once the glue dries, attach the lid to the jar again and flip it over for the completed snow globe.

To light up a room, bulb lights are the way to go with only two materials needed- Ping-Pong balls and old Christmas lights. Take a Ping-Pong ball and, by using a box cutter, make an ‘X’ shaped incision in the ball. Pop the ball onto one of the bulbs on the light strand and continue to do so until the entire strand is filled.

Another way to change the lighting of a space in a more personal way is to use the light bulb itself. Take a Sharpie marker and draw any design on the light bulb. Screw the light bulb in and place under a white lamp shade. Once the light is turned on, the design will appear on the lampshade and walls.

An effective way to reuse old pants is to turn them into shorts. To do so without making the legs uneven is quite simple if done right. The trick is to turn the pants inside out before cutting them. Then, align the pant legs so there are no wrinkles. Cut in a straight line along both pant legs, then turn them back right side out and enjoy.

Making high school artifacts last can be difficult; making them into an ornament to hang on the tree once a year is a good way to preservation method. Purchase an inexpensive, clear ornament bulb and remove the top. Hang a high school or college tassel from the inside of the bulb, and replace the top of it. Carefully take out the hanger and replace it with the loop of the tassel. Hang from the tree and let graduation be celebrated every year.

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Do it yourself projects

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