DIY gifts for the holidays

With the Christmas season fast approaching, gifts can become very costly. Instead of paying a large amount of money on expensive gifts, here are five easy Do it Yourself, DIY, Christmas gifts that are cost-effective and exciting to create.

  1. DIY Gift Box

If being artistic is not a strong suit, creating a gift box is the way to go.  With the right decorative abilities, gift boxes can look very expensive. Find an empty decorative gift box, or even create one, at a local craft or department store and fill the box with someone’s favorite items. From chocolates to journals to pictures, the possibilities are endless with this box.

  1.  DIY Ornament

Get ready to save money and add creativity to an ornament. Locate a craft store and pick up empty ornaments. Fill up the ornaments with stickers, glitter, puff balls, etc. Make sure to pick up paper or ornament clips to secure the decoration on to a Christmas tree. A single ornament often costs less than $1. This gift is sure to be a hit with customization and originality.

  1. DIY Scrapbook

Tis the season for memories! A scrapbook is a way to take photos, magazines, stickers, and other decorative art to make a collage of memories for someone special. Collect an empty scrapbook and choice of items to decorate the scrapbook. The cost can range from $10-$15. This will sure to be a holiday tear-jerker.

  1.  DIY Picture Frame

Similar to the DIY Scrapbook, a picture frame is a very customizable gift that costs less than $10. Take an old picture frame and embellish it with different colored paints and  stickers. Picture frames usually start at $10, depending on its size.

  1. DIY Mug

For the coffee-lovers and obsessive tea and cocoa drinkers, a DIY mug is sure to hit the spot. Pick a solid-color mug from a local store. Add stickers, quotes or glitter to complete a personalized mug. Depending on the store, a mug should cost less than $5. A DIY mug certainly will warm someone’s spirit for the holidays.

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Adelle Engmann

DIY gifts for the holidays

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