Dear Sophie

Dear Sophie,

Choosing a major for college is hard. My interests change a lot and I’m not sure what kind of careers are out there. I want to do something in the medical field or possibly business and transfer to a university after I complete my associates degree at Pierce. What are some career pathways I could check out? I want to know some options other than a nurse or business owner. Help me find my way.

Thank You, Confused Student


Dear Concerned Student,

First of all, let me assure you that you aren’t alone. Most people have experienced what you are feeling in one form or another. It can be difficult not knowing what lies ahead and although people may think they have it all figured out, it can change in an instant. As far as choosing a major and career pathway, do what you love. Start by looking at yourself and identifying your abilities. What interests you the most? What are your natural talents? What subjects do you enjoy studying? You want to choose a job where you look forward to going to work, you feel proud when describing your work to others and feel optimistic about your future. Recognize the difference between what you think you can do, what you feel you ought to do, what you think you want to do and ultimately who you are. Numerous resources could assist you in figuring out exactly what it is you feel compelled to do. Talk to those who know you best. Try to imagine your life 10 years from now. Look at books and websites and take quizzes to assess your strengths and talents.Your career will be what you make it to be. It has the potential to be fun, interesting, rewarding and can even have good pay—just remember to choose what is right for you. Listen to others and take their input, but ultimately choose something you believe in and feel you were meant to do.

Best of luck to you,

Dear Sophie


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Dear Sophie

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