Sear Sophie

Dear Sophie

Dear Sophie, I have a problem. I’m kind of a pushover.

Sear Sophie

Dear Sophie,

I have a problem. I’m kind of a pushover. I’m 18 and the vast majority of my friends are girls and all my close friends are girls. I’m a guy. My problem is I’m too nice. I can’t help but get myself involved. When I see a girl who needs help, I have to help. I’ll jump through hoops to do it. I get myself in deep and I help the girl out. Once the problem is solved, she disappears. I got used. What can I do to make sure I don’t get used?


Nice guy

Dear Nice guy,

Guys are often heard using the phrase “nice guys finish last.” This phrase is commonly used by men who act like boys. What I mean by this is guys who don’t want to wait to fall in love will act “cool” and move from one girl to the next. I have a proposition for you, Nice guy.

I want you to go out into the world keeping your helpful attitude, forgiving the girls who hurt you, and keep peace in your soul until you fall in mutual love. These girls you say “use” you are merely just stepping stones to the love of your life. By helping them, you are learning how to be the perfect knight in shining armor for your future wife.

However, don’t ever be too sure of yourself. Lessons could be learned from each friendship/relationship you encounter. Don’t be too hasty to overlook these lessons.

Good Luck,


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Dear Sophie

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