Dangers in the parking lot

A 1995 Honda was stolen in the Pierce’s parking lot in December.


Rishav Sharma

Contributing writer

A 1995 Honda was stolen in the Pierce’s parking lot in December.

The owner of the vehicle came to the college to register for classes and 15 minutes later his car was nowhere to be seen.

After paying for tuition and fees, the soon-to-be student probably expected a safe and secure campus.

Many students on campus believe, and rightly so, that the Puyallup campus is a safe place to be. Because of this, most students don’t pay particular attention to their surroundings.

“The drivers in the parking lot are not observant, so we should focus more on safety,” evening student representative Angel Truong said.

The winter weather has added to the dangers in the parking lots.

“With the roads being very slippery, more accidents occurred and more people got stuck in the parking lots,” Maureen Rickertsen, campus safety supervisor, said.

Student Daniel Maysinovich experienced some difficulties in the parking lot.

“My car is only front-wheel drive, so I was stuck in the snow, but worse, I was slipping and sliding all over the place.”

He said he talked to campus safety officers about this problem and they were aware of the slippery roads.

Students parking on campus experienced additional problems. For example, someone broke into a student’s car and stole an iPod and stereo system at the beginning of winter quarter.

Another problem is students arriving late to classes because they can’t find available parking spot. The congestion fuels dangerous driving conditions such as driving too fast for parking areas.

Not all students complain about the parking lots.

“I have had no problems in the parking lot,” student Heidi Brees said.

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Dangers in the parking lot

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