Pierce professor Cynthia Jacobsen running for city council

Pierce College adjunct math professor Cynthia Jacobsen is running for a spot on the Puyallup City Council.

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Pierce College adjunct math professor Cynthia Jacobsen’s race to the Puyallup City Council District 2 rears to its head on Nov. 7. Jacobsen, a familiar face on the Pierce College Puyallup campus, has been diligently campaigning, making sure to reach every door in her district at least once. Jacobsen says getting out there and learning the true concerns of Puyallup citizens gives a new perspective on her city and its inhabitants.

An adjunct math professor for nearly five years, Jacobsen says that teaching at a college level has given her an abundance of experience applicable to a political position.

With a master’s degree in accounting, Jacobsen hopes to bring her own “brand of frugality to the city.” She says her past work with accounting will especially help as the city council plans the budget.

The political climate is heated as of late, and some may be trying to avoid getting involved but Jacobsen firmly believes that she can truly help at a local level.

During her campaign, visiting the different sectors of Puyallup has helped Jacobsen rediscover the beauty in her city all over again. She explains her love for the history of Puyallup; the people who live there help fuel her campaign passions.

Although a newcomer to politics, Jacobsen refers to herself as someone who is well informed on many issues. She has gained a wide perspective to the many people and concerns of the city of Puyallup. A great example would be the widening of Clarks Creek. As a main concern in Puyallup, Jacobsen says that the silt needs to be dredged from the creek to prevent the rising of the water levels.

“Puyallup means ‘generous people,’” Jacobsen said, referring to the roots of the word.

She describes Puyallup as an inclusive and quickly expanding city.

As a mother of seven, Jacobsen says she has the compassion and collaborative spirit to help the city. With grandchildren growing up locally, she has become invested in the area and hopes to bring her five years at Pierce and experience as a mother to her seat on the city council.

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Pierce professor Cynthia Jacobsen running for city council

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