Custodial services: ‘Round the clock dedication to Pierce

The Pierce College Puyallup custodial services believes that a clean environment is a good learning environment.

Andrea Mendoza, Senior Reporter

Students who have classes between 3-11:30 p.m., may have noticed members of the custodial services working to ensure students are surrounded by clean spaces. These custodians work around the clock picking up trash, disinfecting the restrooms, vacuuming carpets, wiping down white boards and many more. These members of our community are: Arkadi Babayan, Jeffrey Hopper, Kwicha Blenman, Thong Lompraseuth, Troy McClean and Shiree Espinoza, all full-time custodians at Pierce College Puyallup.

The Pierce College Puyallup custodial service is in charge of making sure that the facilities on campus are clean and sanitized.

“There are several task that need to be done nightly,” Custodial Service Manager, Patrick Carter said. “For example, the daycare is done nightly, the gym and showers are done nightly. All of this must be done whether we have one or two staff members in the same eight hour span.”

Custodians are put into teams of three people each. One custodian will start cleaning the bathroom, one will take out the trash and the other team member will wipe down the classrooms. One member from each team will clean the Health Education center building and the Garnero Child Development center, while the rest of the teams work on the rest of the buildings.

“It’s a very collaborative process,” Carter says. “They’re (custodians) constantly looking out for each other and working together to finish everything because sometimes they’re just isn’t enough time to do everything because it’s a lot, but they can handle it.”

The Facilities department is constantly looking for people willing to work in custodial services. Working in the custodial pool involves, clean and sanitizing restrooms, keep them properly supplied with toilet paper, paper towels, soap and other items, clean boards and erasers, dust, polish furniture, sweep, mop and/or vacuum floors and rugs, empty trash and recycle containers.

“We’re constantly looking for people,” Carter said. “We’re always looking for the right people who are willing to do the job and in the time frame.”

Other duties may include: setting-up, taking down and moving furniture, equipment, supplies and tools based on incidentals and facility needs: assist department in emergency situations as required.

“I have an early morning class and yeah everything is clean,” student Diego Rodriguez said. “But, when I come for my afternoon class it gets dirtier and the trashes fill up.”

Since cleaning is done nightly, students who either have evening classes or early morning classes get to experience the finished product of the custodial services.

“I love coming in the morning and seeing the toilet seats put up,” student Morgan Sans said. “It’s just nice to know that nobody has used the toilet.”

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Custodial services: ‘Round the clock dedication to Pierce

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