Cuddle Puddle makes splash at Pierce

Both puppies and bunnies ruled the day at Pierce College Puyallup on May 24.

Colton Swanson, Reporter

There were puppies. There were bunnies. There were tons of cuddles and thankfully, not a ton of puddles thanks to beautiful sunshine and potty pads on the floor for the puppies. On Wed. May 24, the OSL hosted an event called Cuddle Puddle.

Students from the college were able to participate in this free event that featured a play pen filled with puppies as well as a bunny station. The puppies were located in the Connection Cafe while the bunnies could be found just outside the Connection Cafe doors. After filling out a waiver, participants would be allowed to enter the play pen with the dogs and the cuddles began.

Both the dogs and bunnies both were up for adoption and came from a sponsored shelter. Members from the shelter oversaw play pen. The bunny tent hosted a horde of students as they passed around the animals. Members of the OSL supervised this part of the event and made sure that everyone received a turn holding a bunny.

The line for the puppies easily outmatched the bunny horde as it stretched from kennel to the doors as well as earned itself a crowd.

The puppies all sported their own personalities. Two of them spent most of the time wrestling or running around, paying no attention to those in the pen but rather the crowd outside if it. Another puppy was very intent on receiving all the cuddles as it made it’s way from person to person, giving each one a chance at petting it.

The overall attitude surrounding the event was a very positive one. The OSL had participants fill out surveys following their opportunity to get a feel for how students and others reacted to the event.

The event served as both a stress relief for students gearing up for finals as well as an event promoting adoption of animals. For those looking to adopt, business cards were handed out giving them information on the adoption process as well as costs.

Some may remember the last time that one of these events were scheduled during finals week Winter Quarter. Unfortunately, that event was canceled but it was for a good reason. Most of the animals that were scheduled to make an appearance at Pierce that day were adopted shortly prior to that day, so the event had to be rescheduled for a later date. This quarter’s version was not the first of its kind and it will likely not be the last after the massive turnout to the Connection Cafe that day.

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Colton Swanson

Cuddle Puddle makes splash at Pierce

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