Bonney Lake to buy in bulk

Bonney Lake residents won’t have to travel very far for samples as a new Costco is set to be built in the area.

Colton Swanson, Online Reporter

After years of rumors, Costco Wholesale is officially coming to Bonney Lake. The new store is set to be built in the forested area between Trappers Sushi and the old Albertsons building off of State Route 410. The site of the new Costco was approved early last month and the 150,000-square-foot building could open prior to the summer of 2017.

According to The News Tribune, once the area is cleared the contractors will have 110 days to finish the new shopping warehouse. Costco could include up to 30 gas pumps and updated amenities as well as hiring a plethora of employees for the grand opening. The plan is for the store to be bigger than the South Hill location and it will contain the typical Deli, Food Court, Apparel Department, Optical Department, Photo Department, Tire Center and Pharmacy.

With the expansion of Costco Wholesale, Bonney Lake residents can expect changes throughout the area. While there will be a new affordable bulk shopping center just a few minutes away, traffic will most likely increase on 410 and neighboring back roads. To counteract this, a new traffic signal is set to be built on the highway in connection with 204 Street.

While Bonney Lake has experienced its fair share of construction lately, a Costco within the city limits is sure to stir some excitement. Driving to South Hill every weekend is not always an option for local residents. With the addition of the superstore, Bonney Lake will now consist of a Fred Meyer, Safeway, Walmart, Target and Costco all within a few miles of each other. Some business may migrate to Costco from these stores and they’ll have to act accordingly. Costco not only sells food in bulk but also countless appliances and gadgets in every store which will prove to be big competition for local businesses and retail stores. With Costco being a discount store, places such as Fred Meyer, Walmart and Target need to compete with prices on all kinds of electronics including televisions and gaming consoles. Costco also houses a jewelry department, so Fred Meyer Jewelers with have to adjust to compete with their prices.

According to company statistics, there are currently 715 Costco warehouses worldwide, 501 of them residing in the United States. Those locations consist of 85 million card holders and serves 47 million households per year. Ranked the second largest retailer in the U.S., Costco has racked up $116.1 billion as of September of 2016 thanks to an average of over 2.45 million transactions per day. To put the massive production of Costco Wholesale into perspective, the chain sold $1.8 billion worth of TVs and $6.9 billion worth of meat in just 2015. To date, more than 131 million hot dog and soda combos have been sold in the 2016 fiscal year.

While the effect of the new building in the greater Bonney Lake area is unknown, residents can also expect a continuation of rapid growth in the city. Not so long ago, Bonney Lake was a small, heavily forested town which people knew as just up the hill from Sumner. In the past few years, due to the expansion of restaurants and other forms of business along with increasing traffic congestion, some locals have come to know Bonney Lake as the “Little South Hill.” Whether this is a good or bad thing varies from person to person but one thing is for certain. Bonney Lake shows no plans of slowing down.

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Colton Swanson

Bonney Lake to buy in bulk

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