Convenience counts for students

Jobs offered on campus for students offer convenience.

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Pierce College Puyallup offers a variety of on-campus jobs that provide students with the opportunity to become more involved at the college and earn work experience.

Positions are available in the Office of Student Life, student ambassadors, the computer center, The Puyallup Post, the bookstore, the tutoring center, the library, the Health Education Center and the registration office.

More jobs will become available for current and new students as spring quarter comes to a close and employers begin searching for students to fill positions for the upcoming summer and fall quarters.

Isaac Folitau, Office of Student Life equity and diversity coordinator, said he enjoys working on campus.

“I love it. You don’t need to commute to other places, and they are flexible with your school schedule,” Folitau said.

Some job opportunities hire students at the beginning of every quarter, like the tutoring center. Currently, 35 students work at the Puyallup campus tutoring center, but it’s in need of students who excel in science, high-level math and English. Peer tutor Kristen Beck says that the tutoring center has less tutors than normal in spring quarter.

Other positions, however, hire students for several quarters.

“We do our recruiting during spring and we do our hiring in the week between spring and summer quarter,” said Laura Bagley, computer center program support supervisor.

The Office of Student Life also hires for yearly positions because they have to wait for student elections to determine those who will be on the next year’s board.

Jobs open to students at the Office of Student Life include ASPCP president, legislative senator and club senator.

More information about the application process can be obtained through Director of Student Life Sean Cooke.

Students hoping to apply for jobs on campus should be on the lookout for posters and media messages for more information.

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Convenience counts for students

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