Continuing education: a fun way to learn at Pierce

In depth coverage of the Continuing Education Program.

Shelly Beraza


One of Pierce College’s best-kept secrets is Continuing Education, a program with courses that are community-driven and created for students’ personal enrichment and benefit.

The Continuing Education team, downstairs in the Library Science Building, is dedicated to the idea that education and classes can provide high-quality personal enrichment, fun for the community and further assist students along with their career endeavors.

CE offers a variety of classes from fitness to one-day painting workshops for the artistically-minded.

The CE program offers more than 400 online classes and more than 100 onsite classes.

CE offers online training courses in partnership with Ed2GO and LERN. These individual courses and certificate programs are geared toward professional development or building on skills needed to be successful in obtaining the student’s present degree.

Most onsite classes follow a six-week schedule beginning on the third Wednesday of each month.

Most online classes, starting at $119, are an affordable way to get in learning for current, former and future students.

Popular courses include testing preparation for GED courses and the SAT.

The medical coding class, which contains 90 hours of classroom training necessary to qualify a student to take the certification exam, is also a popular CE class.

Most onsite programs range between $49 and $299.

The courses aren’t given a letter grade, but rather a certificate if a student finishes the class; therefore, financial aid is not available. Payment must be made in full the day a student registers for classes.

Most onsite classes are 50 percent off and online classes are up to 25 percent off for enrolled students.

If a student is still unsure about CE they can test-drive the program for a free orientation without an obligation to register.

CE offers proof of continuing education units or clock hours for only $20. These are often required by employers and associated with additional education for K-12 teachers and staff.

Rachelle McGinnis, program developer and manager for Continuing Education, believes CE is a lifelong learning partner for students.

“Continuing Education is designed as a community resource for anyone interested in lifelong learning,” McGinnis said. “In our ever changing world education is necessary at all stages of our lives. Pierce College is the perfect place for you to take courses now and in the future to help you grow both personally as well as professionally.”

Students can view all of the offered courses and the registration links at

The new CE course offerings publication will be available starting June 4.

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Continuing education: a fun way to learn at Pierce

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