Connections Cafe improvement projects continue

Improvement projects continue in the Connections Cafe.

Anika Bates
Senior Reporter

What started last year with renovations to the Connection Café continues with more improvements to Pierce College Puyallup. The Office of Student Life plans to take on two more major projects this academic year, both with the same mindset – saving water.
“This year is more campus wide…. we want to rework [the campus] to use less water and be more efficient with using our resources,” Student Advocacy Senator Phillip Lewis said.
As Student Advocacy Senator for the 2014-2015 academic year, Lewis has many plans for this year’s campus improvements.
“My job is to find out what the people need to have to be successful and what they would like to see on campus,” Lewis said. “Then I refer that to Student Government, and push that up to higher leaders. I want to find out what the people want.”
One of the projects Lewis and his team are working on this year are refillable water bottle stations. These water bottle stations allow students to not only reduce the use of plastic water bottles, but to specifically see how much plastic they are saving in using their individual water bottle.
“The refillable water stations describe themselves. You put the water bottle [on the station], and then you press the button and it refills it,” Lewis said. “Every time you fill the bottle up, there will be a counter in the right hand corner that will show how many plastic water bottles you’ve saved by using your own.”
Currently, the OSL has briefly discussed the matter with the Head of Facilities, and will be furthering this project in the coming months. They plan to install 13-15 stations around campus for easy accessibility for students.
Another project that is in the works for the OSL is the installation of no-flush toilets in the Arts and Allied Health building.
The purpose of the no flush toilet is to conserve water in using the liquid that is already dispersed into the toilet to activate the flushing mechanism.
“Basically, the no flush toilets use no water. You’re already putting liquid in a toilet, so that’s the liquid you need,” Lewis said. “In the toilet, it sucks in the waste and there’s a filler that’s liquid. That filler keeps the oder from coming out, so you don’t have to worry about the smell. That would be gross. [The filler] stays there, and the water goes in and it gets filtered through.”
These two projects emphasis the focus of the OSL for this year- efficiency and maximization of resources. These projects are expected to be off the ground and implemented within the coming year.

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Connections Cafe improvement projects continue

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