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As spring quarter 2016 comes to a finish, many students have begun to prepare for graduation. This year, Pierce College’s graduation will be at 2:30 p.m. June 17 at the Tacoma Dome.

Graduates will not be organized by degree nor last name. The order will be based mostly on when people arrive.

“If they (the graduates) want to sit with their friends, they should be with them when they come into the dome and line up with them immediately,” District Event Manager Rosie Garcia said.

Once the procession starts, it’s show time, Garcia said. There won’t be an opportunity to change order once students are in line.

This is mostly so there’s a certain number of people on each side of the arena, or in each row of chairs. That way, it looks like a seamless transition to the audience.

The doors will open at 1:30 p.m. and graduates are expected to be there by that time. Guests are to come in upstairs while graduates enter on the lower level.

Staff members at the ceremony can’t watch the graduates’ personal belongings, so graduates should arrange for family and friends to watch them. Also, children can’t sit with the graduates.

Students should note that what they receive during the ceremony isn’t actually their diploma.  “They (the graduates) get a diploma cover with a graduatory message inside,” Garcia said. “Diplomas are mailed about 10 weeks after that quarter.”

The price of a caps and gown was included in the cost of tuition. The bookstore staff has a list of graduating students and can only give caps and gowns to those individuals.

Each cap and gown comes with an informational booklet and name card that graduates must bring to the Tacoma Dome.

Graduation has been at the Tacoma Dome for a long time, Garcia said, mostly because there are few places near Puyallup that can accommodate this many people.

There’s no way to tell how many people will come beforehand, as admission is free for friends and family.

Helium balloons, weapons and noise makers are prohibited. Other prohibited items can be found on the Tacoma Dome website.

As for the tradition of decorating one’s graduation cap, there’s no rule against it.

There are new metal detectors at the Tacoma Dome, which will make getting in take longer. Garcia encourages students to arrive early.

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