Letter to the Editor: Concealed carry on college campuses

Adeline Jacobsen, Student

It feels like every day we’re tuning into the evening news to find out that another mass shooting has happened; more innocent civilians have died due to the fact that the wrong people have gotten their hands on a firearm. Now colleges around the United States have been considering allowing concealed carry on campuses so students can protect themselves. Allowing students to conceal carry on college campuses would be more dangerous than it would be helpful.

When trying to solve this problem of mass shootings in America, the solution isn’t to add more guns. Recently
with the shooting of Umpqua Community College, the threat of a mass shooting becomes a lot more real. Adding more guns into a situation isn’t going to make it safer. Harvard Injury Control Research Center found that in regions where there are more guns, people are at higher risk for homicide.

Before this problem gets too big to handle, and before we all know someone who is affected by a mass shooting as a community we need to realize you can’t fight fire with fire.

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Letter to the Editor: Concealed carry on college campuses

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