College selects next year’s common book

Pierce College’s common book next year is The Other Wes Moore.



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Out of the 110 students and faculty who voted, 60 percent chose The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore as the next common book with the two runners-up being The Highest Tide and Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood.

The Other Wes Moore is a nonfiction story focusing on two men of similar ages from the same town who end up leading two very different lives. While one Wes Moore received a Rhode Island Scholarship and acknowledgement in the local newspaper, the other is convicted as a murderer after a botched robbery that killed a police officer.

The Other Wes Moore was chosen from suggestions of people at both campuses.

Students and faculty received an email asking for suggestions for next year’s common book. The Common Book committee then chose a book that would transition well outside of any psychology and sociology classes.

“After we had gotten all the responses back from students and faculty, we had about 21 recommendations for next year’s common book,” Common Book program coordinator Beth Stevens said. “We spent days looking through these books discussing the benefits and drawbacks of each and were able to narrow it down to three.”

Common books can be purchased through the Office of Student Life in C210. Pricing for the common book has not been set, but Stevens explained the price will be subsidized when students purchase the book in the fall.

The goal of the program next school year, much like this year, is to get the book into as many classes as possible.

Students should know that staff and administration are interested in engaging them outside the class room. Students are encouraged to join the Common Book committee in fall quarter. For those interested in joining more information can be found by contacting Stevens.

“I understand that for full-time students fitting in another book into a packed schedule can be difficult,” Stevens said. “By integrating the common book into more and more classrooms we better our chances of getting people involved not only with the program but with other students and faculty.”

For students and faculty seeking the common book, more will be ordered if there is a shortage of supply. According to Stevens, no confirmation has been given if Moore will come to Pierce to read from his novel.

There was more involvement with the common book this year than last year. Stevens agrees that the program during its second year has definitely picked up.

“Pierce has a new physical education class that was instituted because of the common book,” Stevens said. “The English class I tried to offer on transcendentalism and The Nature Principle was cancelled, which was disappointing. At the same time, I understand it takes a while for new programs to develop.”

In years past, as reported by Stevens, the Common Book committee has seen student involvement and would definitely like to have more people become apart of the program next year.

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College selects next year’s common book

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